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transferring ownership of license/activation of Serato DJ and expansions

wedwards90 8:03 PM - 13 February, 2016
I recently bought a used Numark MIxtrack Pro 3 from someone and he is letting me have his full Serato DJ license, and included some expansions. However, I cannot figure out how to activate them on my computer.

He deactivated everything through the My Products tab in the program on his computer as it should be. But when I log into the program on my computer and go to the My Products tab, there is nothing there to activate. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program and restarted my computer and still to no avail.

Don't know if this matters, but before all of this I did change the display name associated with the account on the website. Might that cause the license info not to match up?

Please help, not sure what else to do and I do not want to have to re-buy the program if I can help it.
wedwards90 8:05 PM - 13 February, 2016
Also, I have not had good luck with the Serato support team emailing me back. It has been 4 days since I sent my last email, and I have gotten no response.
Chez P 11:09 PM - 14 February, 2016
Hi wedwards90,

Sorry for waiting on a reply from us.

I have now replied to your support ticket and I am now waiting on confirmation from you.

Please reply back to that ticket as soon as possible.

wedwards90 12:41 AM - 24 February, 2016

I replied to the support ticket through email a handful of days ago.

I am in fact trying to transfer the licenses to the from the I hope this will resolve the problem I am having so that I can get started with Serato!