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Live Social media input in my serato video mix

DJ.WAZZA.AU 6:39 AM - 13 January, 2016
A idea I have been working with the help of the good people over at ADJF DJ forums

The concept / what I would like to do is .....
at the start off the night ,before I do my set
I give out ADJF cards with how to log into ADJF forums ....after they log-in and go to my party post page .....
every one that is log-in can start to post pic form there phonos to the forum and use text to request videos
I then use the web feed live from ADJF in the video mix

just a little test mix to see if it works and what it looks like
the SOUNDINSURGENT 8:06 PM - 13 January, 2016
Can't you just use a shrared link to a dropbox folder you've created and then use iftt to upload it to Tumbler then with a qtz file it'll show on the screen.

I know it works because that's how I use twitter and instagram to get pics.
the SOUNDINSURGENT 8:10 PM - 13 January, 2016
When I use a PC ill use dropbox with VDJ and here's how that looks,
kwestyon 5:05 PM - 14 January, 2016
I need to find out more about quartz files and "if this than that". Had no idea, that was possible in SDJ. One question, is it possible to filter which tweets or pics someone sends? I wouldn't want the wrong words are pics getting to the display.
DJ.WAZZA.AU 2:03 AM - 15 January, 2016
I,m using VDMX 5 ...Syphon Serato video into one layer of VDMX for the video mix

VDMX has a website live feed that you can use in a video layer.,.so no need to use a Quartz files.
Because it's part of VDMX all the video EFX work with the live web feed..
You can use midi (a knob or fader ) to control scroll down and up the live web page

You can add the web pages to the media clip bank and trigger them by midi pads and the web pages with your video loops and Syphon input and live cameras

soundinsurgent is right you can use DropBox...and do it all on one Mac...using Quartz files and a bit of setup time and know how....but it makes it hard to filter the tweet and pics live when I mixing...

when this is all set up and running ,using ADJF ( using the ADJF web page ) ...I can monitor the Forums web page with my phono and also the ADJF forum monitor to filter any BAD Pics and TEXTs.....the people over at ADJF don't what BAD pics and TEXT on there forums
DJ Tanner1 1:16 AM - 5 September, 2017
jordgood 8:51 PM - 31 January, 2018
Hey! Ive been using a program called JammText that has been dope. You set up an sms number so people can directly text photos and messages to the screen. Or they can use a hashtag on twitter or instagram and their post goes directly to the screen live. here's their website! also no Quartz files required.
popnwave 10:47 PM - 31 January, 2018
Their app is certainly the leader in this area right now.