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Denon MC4000 issues - asking help from the community

skinnyguy 9:28 PM - 12 January, 2016
I've already started a help ticket with serato but they haven't been able to replicate my problem so it's going nowhere. Perhaps someone in the community can think of something else.

Using the MC4000 and SDJ, I get random track re-loading on the side that is being cued. Sometimes the track is the same track, sometimes it's a random track from within the same crate. It has always happened on the track that has been loaded and being cued.

Sometimes when it happens, the cueing also switches sides, going back to the track playing over the mains. As evidenced on the video clip.

Using a 15" mbp with mountain lion (i think it's 2012). It's non-retina but has the dual vid card (I use ME). USB 3.0 and fw800. I've also upped the ram to 16 gb (previously 8 gb).

Also used it with another 15" mbp from a friend with 8 gb ram and pretty sure it was yosemite.

Also used it with a 17" with 8 gb ram ssd, clean install of yosemite and sdj. And a 13" mbp with yosemite.

Libraries have been all external. USB powered. 2.0, 3.0, and fw800. Also used a friend's library which was bus powered.

All files have been re-analyzed with SDJ No corrupt files.

MC4000 has been returned and exchanged for a new one. USB cable has been swapped. Firmware has been updated (on old and exchanged).

Reset midi.

I've tested my lappy on a 6000 mk2, sx2, and a rane 62. At least hour sets and no problems. My sets on the 4k have been less than an hour and it happens. Some as little as 10 minutes in, other times it starts at 45 minutes in. But always happens.

Any ideas?
skinnyguy 9:28 PM - 12 January, 2016
I've also had it happen with Intro.

VDJ8 works fine.
Lou Dog 8:07 PM - 14 February, 2016
So I only use my MC4000 at one place I play at so its taken while to really get some hours on it. I will say I get similar weird shit happening on it too. Like it will just decide to switch the channel I'm cueing or just turn the channel I'm cueing off.

I dont get the same exact issue you have but definitely some strange shit happenin. I also had channel 2 lock up on me completely one night. The track wouldn't move and no audio on that side. It finally free'd up once i continually loaded song after song. Strange

Sorry, wish I had some actual help for you. Just letting you know you aren't the only one. Still having the same issue??

BTW im on SDJ 1.7.7 OSX 10.8.5
Lou Dog 8:10 PM - 14 February, 2016
Also after rewatching your video I noticed that when it reloads the MC4000 also switches the deck its cueing at the same time. Which is what mine is doing. Hope they fix these things cus I want to like the 4000. Never deal with anything on my 1200s and 62
nacho3322 3:57 AM - 15 February, 2016
I´m having the same problem with my Denon MC4000. I tried to change it for another one but in the shop they told me that this issue is located in the software or in the firmware, but not in the hardware, and I thought that this wasn´t true, but it looks like that this is really a problem of Serato or the firmware. My laptop is a Windows 10 one with an I7 processor and 8gb of ram and the software do this and it also freezes and has some dropouts at times, something that didn´t happen when I had a Numark Mixtrack Quad. Please Serato Support team we need a solution to this problem because sometimes the track that re-starts is the one that people hear and this is very uncomfortable. Thank you !
skinnyguy 1:22 PM - 15 February, 2016
Thank you! Finally, some validation that I'm not the only one with similar issues!

Update on my support. Serato has called me and even did a remote log in to see what was happening. Used snoize to watch for errant midi signals and found NONE. Very odd. It currently has been reported to devs higher up on the chain as a bug and we are still waiting to hear back from them.
skinnyguy 1:30 PM - 15 February, 2016
Nacho, when your track restart is on the song that people hear, is it because you are quick mixing and have already crossed the fader over? My problem is always on the track being cued but happens within a few seconds of loading the track, BEFORE crossing the fader back over. I know my problem would affect performance if quick mixing or possibly trying to drop a song on a live deck.
dj Technical 1:38 AM - 16 February, 2016
I'm having the same problem. It randomly loads a track on the deck that is playing when I do fast quick mixes. Also randomly reverses my headphone cue with other deck. Brought it back to store but they could not replicate it so I now have a $500 paper weight. Not impressed.
Jason.S 11:01 PM - 16 February, 2016
Hey guys,

We have had reports from this (as some of you may know) and have got some good information from those of you who have had this issue and opened a ticket. To help us investigate further anybody who has not got in touch with our support team yet please do! Drop us a ticket here; and the team can get into it with you. The more users and information we get the better armed we are to address the issue and/or communicate problems to Denon so please get at us! This issue has been really difficult to reproduce so all extra information helps us out immensely!

To those of you already in touch with us please hold tight and keep working with us, I appreciate you all taking the time to get in touch and provide us with the information so far!

Thanks all,

nacho3322 3:36 AM - 18 February, 2016
I have opened a ticket but nobody answered me yet. Should I open a new one?
skinnyguy 5:21 PM - 18 February, 2016
Give them a while.....
nacho3322 5:44 PM - 18 February, 2016
Have you tried following the PC Optimization guide?
skinnyguy 8:02 PM - 18 February, 2016
i done did it all.
Chrisrome731 12:53 AM - 27 February, 2016
I have the same issue with 2 4000 units, the cue will randomly just to the other channel also randomly I will play a song and it will just stop and go back to the beginning and I need to start it over, it is totally random and can't pinpoint why running 1.81 on a Mac
skinnyguy 7:32 PM - 27 February, 2016
1.9 beta seems to have fixed this. i've had 3 1-hour sessions on it so far. seems like this problem is gone.
skinnyguy 9:32 PM - 9 March, 2016
seems to be non-existent in sdj 1.8.2 as well.
Savir83 3:23 AM - 7 July, 2016
Same here. I'll play for a good 30 min and just locks up. I can't use channel 1 load tracks,play samples etc. Channel 2 plays songs but can't use the jog wheel. I already updated my firmware and serato Dj. Serato Dj Intro works fine. Why is that?
skinnyguy 8:49 AM - 7 July, 2016
Those issues seem different from what I had.
DJ ZETA 6:18 PM - 2 August, 2016
tengo mi denon mc4000 funciona bien solo una hora y luego se detiene la música ya lo actualize el firmware y sigue igual que solución me pueden dar
samuel quiroz 11:19 PM - 16 August, 2016
problema con denon mc 4000 ase otra funciones carga la cacion en cual quier plato
samuel quiroz 4:21 PM - 17 August, 2016
Ya he empezado un vale de ayuda con Serato pero no han sido capaces de replicar mi problema por lo que va a ninguna parte. Tal vez alguien en la comunidad puede pensar en otra cosa.

Utilizando el MC4000 y SDJ, consigo pista aleatoria volver a la carga en el lado que se está con claves. A veces, la pista es la misma pista, a veces es una pista al azar dentro de la misma caja. Siempre ha sucedido en la pista que se ha cargado y ser complementada.

A veces, cuando ocurre, la pre-escucha también cambia de lado, volviendo a la pista que se reproduce sobre la red eléctrica. Como se evidencia en el videoclip.

El uso de un 15 "MBP con el león de montaña (creo que es de 2012). Es no-retina, pero tiene la tarjeta de vid doble (utilizo ME). USB 3.0 y FW800. También he subido la RAM 16 GB (antes 8 gb ).

También se utiliza con otros 15 "MBP de un amigo con 8 GB de RAM y bastante seguro de que era Yosemite.

También se utiliza con un 17 "con 8 GB SSD carnero, instalación limpia de Yosemite y sdj. Y un 13" MBP con Yosemite.
problema con denon mc 4000 ase otra funciones carga la cacion en cual quier plato
samuel quiroz 1:12 AM - 20 August, 2016
Basura de programa no funciona correctamente con un denon
bazooka 12:51 PM - 17 February, 2017
i never used CUE, but i had some freezes when using the "FX SELECT" knob.
i was mixing for an hour or so, so i thought i use some FX turned the know, CLICK, No sound anymore, tracks keep running, LEDS keep beeing active but no sound anymore. Have to switch of the Denon and turn it on again, then it continues..
very cool when this happens live...
im using a macbook pro 15" with yosemite but im sure its not the computer fault.
i would say its denons firmware. had v0017 from the beginning and there is still NO NEW Firmware :/ but all this software probs shouldnt happen with a console this expensive.
Like WE are the beta testers..
i mean, i had this issues since i bought it but i waited and was positive in a while there will be a firmware update but still after a year. Nothing. Lame Denon.. lame...
im using Serato 1.9.5 and im sure its not Seratos fault..
this is the perfect controller for me, size, channels, (dont need 4 faders,, who needs that ? 2% of all DJs ?? but if you tweek a know and bang SILENCE ?? thats not Hardware that you/ I want !!
hope this this will be fixed..
Tally Shore 8:01 PM - 22 February, 2017
I'm about to pull the trigger on the mc4000 with Amazon. Has this problem been fixed!? I don't wanna buy if it still sux!
RexTheRaptor 3:34 PM - 27 March, 2017
I'm about to pull the trigger on the mc4000 with Amazon. Has this problem been fixed!? I don't wanna buy if it still sux!

You can buy it (or your probably already did), it's an awesome controller.
DJ DanM 5:44 PM - 19 June, 2017
I have somehow the same problem. When I'm mixing tracks and I use a fader or EQ knob (filters, tempo or channel fader) the track will stop playing. Sometimes is the active track, other times is the track in the cue. Sometimes the cue button switches off. I noticed also when there's a loop in the cued track it resets to the start of the track, if I press re-loop it doen't go to where it was.
I can't any other indicator of what is happening. I tried everything. It occurs at least once for every 4 hours of play. Sometimes it doesn't happen so it's really hard to figure it out.
deejayfatcat 7:52 PM - 19 June, 2017
On a mid 2012 MBP Sierra and latest SDJ with a MC4000. No issues and recently did a 6 hr session with it. I did have to send mine in for repair with a jog wheel tracking, but it's been fine since getting it back. I hope you have luck figuring out what it is with you situation. I know it must be frustrating.
lexani 11:22 AM - 19 October, 2017

yesterday I received my Denon MC 4000 and have noted following issues:

- When pressing the Sampler Pads several times, the left deck will stop playing.

- When pressing the Pad Mode button on Pad 4 (Loop Rolls), the samples are also played

It does not happen all the time but only after an indefinite time and makes the controller so useless for live gigs.

I am working with a MacBook Pro (13 inch, mid 2012) 2.5GHz Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM
Serato DJ version 1.9.9
bazooka 7:09 PM - 19 October, 2017
Well, now its Oktober 2017. And ?? GUESS. Still Firmware 0.0.17 ONLY..
These DENON Bitches hasnt changed a bit !
Yeah, its not all about new Hardware (MC 6000) and all previous Hardware is Obsolete !!!
Bitches ??
This hardware is so cool, but with these slips and errors, i dont want to use it anymore.
I dont want to use the FX, since if i use the knobs (of course not straight away) the sound stops.
THIS IS NOT how hardware/software combos supposed to work. THEY SHOULD WORK! !!!
I mean, for real. Ive had this errors 2 yrs ago, and im sure, as proved here by other users, others had these errors too, but denon hasnt changed anything at all with their firmware ??

MAN FUCK:!.. sorry. im a bit aggro... These just proves that they just wanna sell Hardware.
I guess ill check the (half priced) Pioneer soon. And sell this 4000 DJ MC. What a name anyway. Sounds like sellout..
Thanks DENON!!! Piss off...
they should call themselves DENY !
NUdisc0 8:09 PM - 19 October, 2017
the last great Denon controller was the MC6000mk2, prior to InMusic's purchase...
lexani 10:58 PM - 19 October, 2017
It’s sad because this controller has so much potential and could be the perfect solution for mobile / touring DJs... but it’s not reliable for professional’s like playing russian roulette
jamdj 3:56 PM - 9 November, 2017
Hey Everyone. I'm a veteran mobile DJ here in San Diego, CA and have been using the MC4000 since it came out and have all the firmware and Serato DJ updates. I run a Mac Book Pro with the latest OS and don't use the laptop for anything else except gigs. I love the controller except, like many of you said, it will do weird things on occasion the biggest one is a track freezing or pausing in the middle of a set! I DJ'ed a huge wedding last week and it did that when I was playing "Poison" by BBD and people just looked at me with this collective "Ohhh....." and I have to restart the track. It was a little embarrassing to say the least. I can't figure out for the life of me if its the controller or the Serato DJ software. The cable is fine too. It doesn't do it all the time but it seem like it does when I have the volume playing loud when t the dancing get's started. Its REALLY annoying (and embarrassing). I will go to Pioneer or even another software if this continues. Any suggestions or answers anyone???
bazooka 8:53 PM - 28 November, 2017
hehe, man be happy if it just happens on a Wedding. If youre on a real PRO DJ Act in front of thousand of ppl that sucks. I mean this Console should be PRO right ?? And i dont need 4 channel faders..So why should i buy bigger consoles to have it work.
I dont think its Serato. Why shoud Serato have probs with this controller and none else ??
Its the F*cking Firmware. Since THEY havent updated it once yet.. OK ill check quickly
NO of course not. Still v.0017 and this is April 2016 the same.
Yes i guess im changing to Pioneer as well since i dont want to miss Serato, otherwise i may would switch to Traktor and a NI Kontroller..
You know, these days, like Lexani said, its like Russian Roulette, so i dont use FX and Samples anymore and just mix and hope for a Crash Free Act. Thats not why i bought this Bitch... F*CK !!
bazooka 8:56 PM - 28 November, 2017
Well as it seems its like this since January 2016, not even April. Like "SkinnyGuy" on the very top posted first. Very soon is Jan 2018. and i dont think there will happen anything to this anymore.
I sell this..
jamdj 10:18 PM - 28 November, 2017
Yeah selling it now on EBay and getting a Pioneer DDJ-SX2 limited Red edition. I can’t trust the MC4000 anymore. Thank goodness it didn’t freeze or pause on a first dance for a wedding! Whew!
djBertical 1:46 AM - 23 February, 2018
Sad to say that this issue is still ongoing and hasn't been resolved. The firmware is still V0017 so at this stage 2 years later I have little hope of it getting resolved with a firmware update. Every gig I play I encounter the same issue with track loading on the non playing deck. This weekend it happened when the track on the non playing deck had a bpm which was much more than track on the playing deck, but it has happened outside of that as well. Also I have noticed that it happens when I am adjusting the bpm of the non playing deck. It's a shame, because otherwise the controller is a pretty good one.
jamdj 1:51 AM - 23 February, 2018
Man I gave up on the MC4000! Tracks froze up at critical times at gigs so I sold it and got a nice Pioneer DDJ-SX2 (Special Red Editon) and have not have a problem since! Love that controller. The newer Denons are probably better like the 7000 and 8000 but I love the Pioneer. Great buy!
mrriot 6:38 PM - 6 March, 2018
Hi everybody, just thinking about buying a MC4000 and then I stumbled over this thread...

i owned a vci-380 before but wanted to upgrade it, and the mc4000 seemed to be the best choice here, i also have the DDJ-SB2 // DDJ-SB3 in mind but from the design and quality i would prefer the denon.

So is this issue really this bad? has anyone got informations from denon or serato about this?

Appreciate you opinions
jamdj 6:49 PM - 6 March, 2018
Don’t buy it. Froze up on me at 3 gigs. Sold it and bought the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and have had ZERO problems. I love it. Denon lagged in addressing the issues so moved on. Maybe they fixed it I don’t know but I wouldn’t buy it. Just my 2 pennies.
djBertical 10:15 PM - 6 March, 2018
Yeah, I agree with jamdj on the vote of no confidence. I won't repurchase the MC4000 if I had a second chance. The fact that they haven't released a firmware update in 2 years, not even to fix the well documented problem of random track reloading, lets me know that the support just isn't there for the product. Mrriot don't buy it with hope. The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 is a solid controller and you'll have no regrets with it.
mrriot 10:21 PM - 6 March, 2018
thanks for your comments, but the sx2 is completely out of my price limit. the only option right now for me would be the sb2/sb3 but they lack the profesional look and finish of the denon unit...
deejayfatcat 11:32 PM - 6 March, 2018
I will give some balance and say that I’ve been loving my mc4000 since dec 2016. I did have an early problem with the left jog with backspins not properly registering. It was repaired by an authorized shop under warrantee and has been great since. I use it with a mid 2012 MBP and Sierra.
Silence 3:36 AM - 7 March, 2018
I will give some balance and say that I’ve been loving my mc4000 since dec 2016. I did have an early problem with the left jog with backspins not properly registering. It was repaired by an authorized shop under warrantee and has been great since. I use it with a mid 2012 MBP and Sierra.

What about individual channel levels. Did they fix that issue? I have seen a few reviews where there were issues with that.
Lou Dog 7:03 AM - 7 March, 2018
Man I had some issues with mine too. The loading on non-playing deck/switching HP Cue problem (mentioned above). And I had the switch under hotcue button one go out. It was under warranty so they fixed it.

It's now gone out again out of warranty. inMusic couldn't even property locate the part so I could fix it myself. They said only denon U.K. had the part. After multiple half assed replys by denon UK I gave up. Haven't used it since.

You can still Cue with the "Cue" botton but it's not how I like to work. Def would not recommend this to anyone ever. It is a shame because if it worked properly it would have everything I want. 2 channels. Effects. Long throw pitch faders. XLR master out. Booth out. Solid construction. But the thing is just kind of junk. I guess you get what you pay for.

GC offered my $150 for it. It's in a case. So I paid $500 total. I opted to let it rot lol
mrriot 10:31 AM - 7 March, 2018
ok, damn thats a real downer, in my opinion, this is the only controller below 500 bucks who can be considered for playing in a club or bar...

DDJ-SB2 and RB are Toys, and the DDJ-SR2 is too expensive for me and the mc4000 has the better optic and reminds me of my vci380

So still i would like to know is this a issue of the controller or something else? which hardware do you use with it? Windows PC or Macbook?
Lou Dog 1:07 PM - 7 March, 2018
Then I was on OS X 10.8.5
2012 MBP 2.4 ghz i7 16gb ram

Which is pretty decked out and should work fine. That same laptop worked with my other rigs. S9 with 1200s. CDJ 2000 nxs, 900 nxs, SL3
skinnyguy 6:10 PM - 7 March, 2018
I think it's a controller issue. Haven't tried a 7000, but 8000 works fine. Haven't heard of this issue on the 7000 or 8000 either. The 6000 mk2 also works great but is a bit outdated at this point.
Aptidda 11:37 PM - 7 March, 2018
get your pay up and buy real hardware.
Bass drum cadence 12:36 AM - 7 May, 2018
I have a mc4000, and every time I plug it in to the computer, it says hardware disconnected and then flashes the screen that’s supposed to be there, what’s going on?
deejayfatcat 10:24 AM - 7 May, 2018
I have a mc4000, and every time I plug it in to the computer, it says hardware disconnected and then flashes the screen that’s supposed to be there, what’s going on?

First make sure the firmware is updated. Change USB ports and cables. Report back.
DJLucash 6:13 PM - 1 September, 2018
Anyone have similar issue with Hot Cue Button? Everything was going fine till today morning. The response of the hot cue (one button) is very very bad. I mean that now only one button have hard response time. I must press hard (in difference to another hot cue buttons) to button react. The button is no more "hot" and its uselles. Any other issues: humming from mic section and wearing out knobs after non a month of using time.
DJ Marv the Maverick 8:24 AM - 2 September, 2018
A new DJ whom I was tutoring bought the 4000 as well and when I tried it...I did get some unexpected behaviour as well, freezing, bleeds etc.

Till they get simple things right, they will forever be playing catch up to Pioneer.
Lou Dog 8:41 AM - 4 September, 2018
My hot Cue went out also. I think it's the actually switch that went out. I was going to replace it myself because they wanted too much money to fix for a $400 controller. But no one at denon could tell me the part I needed. They said it was only available in the U.K. I got the runaround and ended up saying fuck it. Never again will I buy denon. It's a shame because on paper the controller checked all the boxes for me
DJLucash 11:27 AM - 4 September, 2018
I returned this unit for replacement (it was only option in shop). Over the issues this is a great controller and I cannot find better option in that price range. Yeah, Denon service and customer help is "cool" (nomen omen) :D But I dont want to go on cheap DDJ, I like metal solid construction of mc4000 and I hope that new unit will be fine... :D
MichaelZ 2:07 PM - 29 October, 2018
Does anyone know if this issue happens on Traktor? Might be a cheaper option to just switch to Traktor if it works flawlessly there. Denon claims that it's an issue with Serato software, not the firmware.
Jesse I 2:54 AM - 4 December, 2018
I've been having a different but similar issue with the MC4000, where totally random things happen - pushing up a channel fader causes the sampler to stop, or pressing a hot cue pad on deck 2 causes deck 1 to stop playing, etc. Most of the time it works fine, but occasionally it's like the controller sends out random commands to Serato DJ that don't correspond to anything I've touched on the MC4000. Unfortunately the problem happens often enough that I feel like it's not really safe to use for important gigs, as it can make me look like a total amateur stopping the wrong deck, etc.

I'm on Windows 10, a high-end Dell XP3 laptop with an i7 processor and 8mb of RAM. The system is fully optimized, and not used for anything else except DJing. My MC4000 is running the latest firmware, and I'm on the latest version of Serato DJ Pro.

FWIW, I have previously used the Pioneer DDJ-SB and DDJ-SR controllers with the same laptop and never had a problem like this.
skinnyguy 9:19 PM - 4 December, 2018
fwiw, iʻve used the denon 6000 and 8000 and never had those issues either.
villavibes 3:54 AM - 15 December, 2018
I'm having issues with my MC4000 - I was playing & suddenly the first hot cue button on the left side just won't press/work when I try to hit it... I think I have the latest firmware v.0017 - I have a gig TOMORROW & this isn't working and I'm freaking out the other buttons might just stop working as well. Does anyone have any tips?
deejayfatcat 12:55 PM - 15 December, 2018
Definitely not the answer you want but I’ve been working on learning the keyboard commands and I have less anxiety knowing I can play in internal mode if all hell breaks loose.

I also have a an MC4000 but no issues with it. You may want to do a couple things and check my info for correctness. I think you can throw away the mc4000 map file in Serato and when you reattach it will create a new one. I did this when my WEGO stopped working. Give that a shot. Also, try a few different usb cables and ports.