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iCDX issues with Serato Scratch Live, Platter ejects song then goes to browse

Scratch Live
Rane SL1
DJ Bushido 4:46 PM - 18 May, 2009
Product: scratchlive
Version: 1.9.0
Hardware: scratchlive-sl1
Computer: pc
OS Version: xp

Almost every night when I am on a gig, I am just wanting to set the next song by pressing down the platter on the iCDX and in the program, It ejects the song, then goes to browse. It does this on both players. I also get where is rewindes the song position almost 30sec before the song even starts. so I am at a lost to why it does this.

Overall I enjoy using Serato, and not to many people ever know that this is happening, but being a professional, I fear this happening while on a set where everyone hears the song cuts. I do have to correct. It did eject one right at the end of my set. granted everyone thought that was how I was ending the night. Is this something with Rane? or is this a Numark Issue. maybe update firmware? or is there a way to remove some of the midi controllers, that function for browse. I just don't see the point for this being on the platter. Is there a sheet that shows a complete map of all the midi functions from the iCDX's?

Thanks I hope you can help me, If not it still works great over all
former Virtual DJ user.
Serato, Moderator
Matt-C 11:39 PM - 19 May, 2009
Hi DJ X Aviator.

What mode are you using the iCDX in? (You have 2 of them?).
DJ Bushido 12:00 AM - 23 May, 2009
It is set to int.
It does not work any other way. due to I am not using Time Code CD's
I tried the other ways and It does not work.
It happens every time I am am playing a gig.

Also on another Topic, I had my Serato Crash hard, where it would load over 650MB
then stop working
But the only way I could fix it was to clear all my crates then redo them all
Has this ever happen, and is there a quick fix?
It happened on a gig, lucky it was just an out side gig, and at the end of it too.
Just don't need that happening. Thanks Matt-C
Serato, Moderator
Matt-C 12:21 AM - 26 May, 2009
Just to be clear, you say you are using the iCDX platter and not the TRACK select knob to browse and select a track?

As for rewinding the song, do you mean that it rewinds the time on the iCDX or within Scratch Live?

As for your crash, can you please explain more about when you say 'load' (ie. when, what, where you are loading).

Also what version of Scratch Live are you using?
DJ Bushido 12:55 AM - 26 May, 2009
I am using the latest vr. of Scratch Live
I have 2 iCDX
The Issue i have is when I use the Platter to slow the song down It give a scratch static sound. then it or jumps to Browse.
But then ejects the song I was trying to just cue up.

I am running Windows XP Sevice Pack 3
running about 18 Services total.
This is my main system for DJ'ing

When my Serato Crashes, it is tryng to load, GOD know what.
but on my Task Manager it states my treads is over 800MB just on the file. So it is normally running at 75MB. it keeps going so high that it just locks up Serato. it is almost as if it is putting so much into RAM.
But when I removed the _SeratoScratch_ folder and the back up
It was gone. then All I did was redo the crates again.

I just keep going hoping to find a solution to everything.
Thanks Matt-C
Serato, Moderator
Matt-C 2:15 AM - 26 May, 2009
Can you give me your full computer specs? (make, model, CPU, RAM, hard drive, any USB devices, or hubs used).
DJ Bushido 5:30 PM - 16 June, 2009
Well It is a Asus Laptop
600MHz Bus
1.4Gig RAM
160Gig Hard Drive
Wireless G
Windows XP Pro version 2002
Service Pack 3
Laptop has 4 2.0 USB
Buffalo 500Gig Ext Drive connected to 2.0 USB
Western Digital 1T Ext Drive connected to 2.0 USB
Serato connected to 2.0 USB
i dot Connect USB 2.0 4 port hub connected to 2.0 USB
Left iCDX CD Player connected to idot connect USB 2.0 4 port Hub
Right iCDX CD Player connected to idot connect USB 2.0 4 port Hub
Pioneer DJM 400 Mixer
This is the Basic Setup I have. I been getting error's from on player then the other one more. Is there a way to remove the browser function from the program on the iCDX's Just use the basic's the Selection scroll is good, but some how the platter picks up the mini controller of the browser. I don't ever use it less I am using the laptop to push that button. I did not know you can even use the iCDX's to do that.
Is there a Map I can use? and an option to remove this mini map?
I am just wanting to use the basic's.
Other then that It works real good. Not the best but real good.
Serato, Moderator
Matt-C 11:41 PM - 16 June, 2009
This could be the USB connection getting confused, take the hub out and see if there's any issues.

Does the track browser dial work when this happens? Or does it do something else?
Serato, Moderator
Matt-C 10:24 PM - 3 September, 2009
How are you getting on?
DJ Bushido 10:32 PM - 10 September, 2009
Sorry for the Late Responce.
From what I see it is a glitch when I touch the platter in certain ways, if to hard or push them in another way. It confuses the serato in thinking I am asking to go to browse, I just don't see me using Serato with it the iCDx, don't get me wrong they are great, but just bought some turntables 1200 M3D's this week, so I will not have the issues with them anymore. But it is not only with the serato, it also does it with Virtual DJ too. I think it is best to remove as many unused featured from serato on the iCDx's mini controler as you can that is not needed. like browse or an option to remove it, manualy

Serato, Moderator
Matt-C 2:27 AM - 11 September, 2009
Sounds like that could be a fault with your iCDx... We have a couple here that don't operate like you say, so if something is broken with the hardware it could be sending crossed messages.
DJ Bushido 7:15 PM - 11 September, 2009
Thanks Matt, I been using them for indoor and outdoor events for the past 2 years, so I think It does need service. Will make an appointment.

thanks Matt
Serato, Moderator
Matt-C 9:48 PM - 13 September, 2009
Cool. Let me know how you get on :D