Serato Software Feature Suggestions

What features would you like to see in Serato software?

Right click parent crate to create sub-crate

DJ Quartz 11:19 AM - 8 January, 2016
This is a simple function of right-clicking a parent crate and having a create crate option that will create a sub-crate under the selected parent crate.
Cwite 8:48 PM - 8 January, 2016

Nice simple work flow improvement.
deejdave 4:39 AM - 9 January, 2016
Right click should bring up crate options like Traktor does IMO. Not necessarily the same options but I'd like to see custom organization (alphabetically, numerically etc.), analyze crate, total crate playtime and a few others off the top of my head.
Cwite 8:44 AM - 9 January, 2016
I havent used Traktor so I guess I dont know what Im missing. Good suggestions. The library view needs a lot of work flow tweaks like these.
DJ Quartz 5:12 PM - 10 January, 2016
I've put in a request for crate statistics awhile back, coming from the Traktor camp as well it was a VERY handy feature.
DJ Cyrix 8:38 AM - 11 January, 2016
+1. It's a hassle adding a crate and then havind to move it way up to the right parent crate.
DJ Zewolfy 9:54 PM - 11 January, 2016