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Why did Serato DJ randomize all of my crates

SpinnerRoony 5:22 PM - 24 December, 2015
I don't know what's going on but it was the worst time for it to happen...2 hours before my show.
I just plugged in my hard drive unit and turned on my controller then all of a sudden my computer froze.
So I restarted my system and loaded my drive back up and noticed that ALL of my crates have been completely randomized...

Can anyone help me with this, has this ever occurred for you and why does this happen?

Thank you and God Bless
4play 5:30 PM - 24 December, 2015
Sorry that it happened at such a bad time. The same thing happened to me for some reason but once I put them back in order the situation never happened again.
deejdave 2:00 AM - 26 December, 2015
Your Neworder.pref file has probably become corrupt. There is also a chance that you may have plugged in two libraries at one time where SDJ will reorder your crates sometimes.
SpinnerRoony 6:58 AM - 26 December, 2015
Ugh how does the Neworder.pref become corrupt?
Hmm this occurred after I plugged in my SX2 for the first time. Everything started running extremely slow and then after I turned off my SX2, unplugged my drive and restarted my whole computer all my crates were jumbled.

So unplugging your drive before you close the Serato program is a no no?
deejdave 4:43 PM - 26 December, 2015
deejdave 4:44 PM - 26 December, 2015
So unplugging your drive before you close the Serato program is a no no?

Probably would not do. I didn't even know this was possible due to the fact your OS won;t let you unplug hard drives when in use by software.
SpinnerRoony 3:05 AM - 20 January, 2016
Ah I see!
Thanks DeeJ Dave! I will keep this in mind.
Usually I'm in a hurry when going from studio and gig so maybe I just need to slow down some!
My investment is worth more than rushing to some place!
deejdave 2:18 PM - 20 January, 2016