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Serato 'Relocate Lost Files' cant find crates after library moved to other HDD

Mixmachine 7:42 PM - 21 November, 2015
Couple months back all my Data was migrated [Using WIN7]to a separate HDD and then C: /OS drive was cloned to a SSD upgrade, now all my Data resides in a separate internal HDD; recently upgraded to WIN10 and Serato 1.8.

After following instructions under 'Library and Files' help section to 'relocate lost files', unable to 'Drag' new library location to 'relocate lost file' button, can only do a complete search of both HDD but still can't find the Library/Serato Crates.

From Serato 1.8, itunes can find all the tracks/files without problems, only Serato's Crates “location' field is pointing to the wrong location

Any tips?

Mixmachine 5:33 AM - 23 November, 2015
Received reply from Support Desk via email, apparently there is a bug that some users [Not all] experience when using the 'relocate lost files' feature on SDJ...

The solution is to install Serato Scratch and follow the posted 'relocate old files' instructions from there, then after recovery go back to SDJ, I did and was able to recover all my lost file links and SDJ crates..
jordan asr 10:56 AM - 26 October, 2017
Chill 1 4:12 AM - 9 June, 2018
Not for me, well scratch live found more but far from all.
If SL has a better file locator, firstly why is it better? And secondly why was’t it brought over to SDJ? Which was supposed to be better not worse and thirdly a lot of people have had the same problem for years now, serato not being able to find tracks in folders that you know stores them so I would have thought someone should have come up with a way to manually type in the correct location on the file it’s self by now, so It can be instantly found.