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Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 & Serato DJ intro/ DJ Issue

Luse Levi 5:10 PM - 23 October, 2015
I have A numark Mix-track Pro 3, Running Serato DJ intro on a Macbook Pro. When i first got the product i experienced no problems with it, but recently out of nowhere the whole setup has been screwing up. basically whats happening is the left jog wheel will not play a song or recognize me trying to scratch. The play/Pause button stops working but the Cue button continues to work at first is was only the left side of the numark system and the serato software that would not work but now the problem alternates between the left and right decks. i had my Mixtrack pro replaced by Numark and i am still experiencing the same issues. Does anyone know what could be going on? it seems liek serato and my mixtrack are not working well together
R_D_Cline 3:38 AM - 30 October, 2015
has anyone helped you out Luse Levi? when a rep does get back to you they will want to know the full specs on your MBP, what OS you are running, what version of SDJ intro you are using and if your library in on internal HDD or external HDD and if you have tried all available USB ports and if you have any other USB devices connected while trying to operate your mixtrack. if you have tried opening SDJ intro first before connecting mixtrack and probably want to know if you are using itunes to organize your library. On some systems if you have the "Show itunes library" UNchecked SDJ tends to work better. Oh and they may want to know which version of itunes you are using.
Good luck hope your issue gets solved