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protools vs logic pro

gasman 3:50 PM - 24 May, 2006
I've just been reading about serato LE and it seems like the logic version has more facilities than the protools.Can Serato tell me why Pitch'n Time previously only available on protools is releases a for another s/w ,and at the same price,and which seems superior? As a Protools user,It does make me feel a little hard done by
Talei 10:07 PM - 24 May, 2006
There are differences between the Pro Tools and Logic Pro versions of Pitch 'n Time. These differences are due to the DAW platform. Logic Pro can not handle our user interface, which is why we can't make Pitch 'n Time Pro for the Logic platform. So as a Pro Tools user you get a graphic user interface which Logic users can't get and a choice between purchasing Pro or LE that Logic users also don' have.

Given that there can be no Pitch 'n Time Pro for Logic users, we felt that we would give them the one pro feature we could, which is our widest range with the time and pitch shifting.
gasman 10:40 PM - 25 May, 2006
Does your user interface make the protools version easier to use than the one Logic would use?
Talei 11:46 PM - 25 May, 2006
I don't know that I would want to get into a discussion about easier, it depends on what you are familar with. However there are some features that we have put in the Pro Tools version that are not in the Logic Pro version, such as a BPM calculator and real time previewing both for pitch shifting and time stretching.
gasman 12:07 AM - 1 June, 2006
I can see that you are trying to balance the two versions in some way but I can also see many ProTools users still feeling a little unsettled at certain features being deliberately withheld from them.It will be interesting to see if Pitch n'Time LE will appeal More to Logic users where ProTools users will pay for the full version if they can.
dave 12:33 AM - 1 June, 2006
Hi gasman

What features are you talking about? The only feature that Logic Pro has over Pro Tools is larger ranges.

I have a feeling that people may feel the opposite, ie Logic users could feel left out because of the lack of a GUI. However, until we can have our GUI inside Logic there's not much we can do about that!

- Dave
gasman 11:52 PM - 3 June, 2006
Hi Dave,
According to the feature list Logic also has finer adjustments ,cents as opposed to semitones,although I'm not sure what shift by frequency means,does this give the PT version finer adjustments than semitones?
Also the list states Logic has time stretch by time code and bars+beats.As I work mainly in bars+beats would this put me at a disadvantage?
p.s. I'm not trying to be argumentative here but I've intended to invest in Pitch 'n Time as soon as I could afford it.Now the LE version is out I want to be sure it suits my purpose.
dave 10:58 PM - 5 June, 2006
Don't worry about asking too many questions, I'm glad you are making sure you're making the right purchase!

Yes, LE for Logic can work in feet and frames but LE for Pro Tools can't. I had overlooked that, sorry!

I'll refer to the screenshots here -> serato.com

It looks like our feature list isn't clear enough. LE for Pro Tools can shift in semitones and cents, its the number above PITCH in the GUI. Shifting by frequency change is a percentage shift, that's Pro Tools only.

LE for Pro Tools has a bars & beats input, but not a bars & beats output. Shifting by bars and beats (as in Logic) only really applies when your sample is a pad or something that has no rhythm. Otherwise the beats and bars of your rhythmic sample remain constant no matter what time stretching you are doing, its the BPM that changes.

Have you downloaded the Pitch 'n Time LE manual? Its here -> serato.com