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CDJ 800 MK1 Vs CDJ 800 MK2

lesterdiamond 11:16 PM - 23 May, 2006
I have heard that the CDJ 800 MK1's are crap. Is it true? What differences are there between the Mk1's and MK2's

I'm beginning to think that w/ cdj's there is not much use for serato. The usb dropout/relying on a computer issue is no concern when using CDJ's with almost all of the same features.
lesterdiamond 11:33 PM - 23 May, 2006
any opinons on the denon 23500 would be helpful
DJ Jayzon 11:42 PM - 23 May, 2006
Um with SSL there's not much use for CDJ's IMO.

I like the MK1's better, you don't have to push play just start cutting and release the song.
lesterdiamond 11:47 PM - 23 May, 2006
check out the new denons
DJ Jayzon 11:53 PM - 23 May, 2006
I've heard some mixed reviews for them, I guess they're fine though. Check out these :)
DJ MDX 12:10 AM - 24 May, 2006
Um with SSL there's not much use for CDJ's IMO.

Care to share why you think this way, can you give some specifics please?

DJ Jayzon 12:21 AM - 24 May, 2006
I started with vinyl, got sick and tired of carrying records. Bought CDX's (closest feeling to vinyl, but not perfect). Got SSL and are living happily ever after...

Basically I want to play on equipment I enjoy using without carrying too much. One spot I play often have both TT's and CDJ's but the TT's are way too messed up to use so I use their CDJ's and it works pretty smooth but doesn't really fit my style of DJ'ing. I can scratch and everything with CDJ's but it doesn't feel right to me.
DJ MDX 12:43 AM - 24 May, 2006
Thank you, I kind of thought that was what you were going to say.

I also started out on vinyl, but I do feel there is much use for SSL with CDJ's.

I would love to have a direct drive CD TT, but not one on the market presently meets my needs with SSL.

However, the CDJ family does at the present time.

Maybe after some much needed updates from the other OEM's then I will revisit them again.

I just wish the 3500 would have been what I anticipated it would be....but there is still hope, I think, there is still an update pending.

Now, as far as the topic of the thread...

If you are getting brand new then I would go for the 800MK2's there really is not that much of a price difference.

The MK1's have a looser platter. If that is important to you then go for them.

There is more buffer memory in the MK2, mp3 capability, better buttons, brighter display, and I forget the rest.

If you can save a substantial amount and the features above are irrelavent to you, then go for the MK1's.

Hope that helped some.
DJ MDX 12:46 AM - 24 May, 2006
Damn forgot to mention, I also love that vinyl feel and also miss it, but set up and maintence is just so much easier with CDJ's is why I prefer them now.
DJ Jayzon 1:01 AM - 24 May, 2006
Yup, set up with CDJ's are great. But I still have more fun with TT's. The CDX's were nice except for the poor quality (and size). Maybe if there was a player that were a mix of CDJ-800, DN-S3500 and CDX. Reliable as hell, great vinyl feeling and 7" spinning platter, then maybe...

As for lester hearing the MK1's being crap, that's BS. They're great CDJ's, but nothing like TT's :)
skinnyguy 1:20 AM - 24 May, 2006
my sentiments exactly, mdx.
DJ Unique 5:26 AM - 24 May, 2006
I'm not sure if there is a probelm with CDJ-800 mk2's but check this out.
lesterdiamond 11:18 AM - 24 May, 2006
I don't like usb dropouts or music stopping. Because of compter problems. Anyone know the best way to eliminate these?
mister iLL 11:29 AM - 24 May, 2006
check out the new denons

okay, that's just cheating! i didn't know cd decks were up to this level yet!
skinnyguy 8:29 PM - 24 May, 2006
denon decks are crazy like that.
DJ_Mike_Coquilla 8:09 PM - 25 May, 2006
check out the new denons

okay, that's just cheating! i didn't know cd decks were up to this level yet!

look ma, no mixer
NotoriousM.I.T. 4:37 AM - 4 August, 2006

has anyone used both CDJ 800 mk1s and CDJ 800 mk2s?

if so, what do u think about them? which one do u prefer?
Dj Gains Bond 7:49 AM - 4 August, 2006
yeah its cheating only if you know how to use it
NotoriousM.I.T. 2:44 PM - 4 August, 2006
anyone actually know if its worth it to spend the extra money and get the mk2 or just to stick with the mk1s?
Dj Gains Bond 6:26 PM - 4 August, 2006
mp3 feature on the MKII is the main reason plus the feel is supposedly like the 1000's
skinnyguy 7:57 PM - 4 August, 2006
they used an inferior master tempo on the 800mkII compared to the orig model so if u feel you'll be needing it with regular cds, u might wanna take a test listen. but since u can't use it with doesn't matter.
Dj Weddo 7:06 PM - 28 February, 2009
I have 4 Mk1s ,Ive had them for 6yrs and the best feature is the Scatch out.You Cue a track then just touch the platter to scratch into your new track or start your new song and you dont need to push play. The Mk2s dont have this feature due to the MP3 added feature they put in the MK2.The scratch in feature is nice cause its like vynal....and you get the quick cue just in case your wanting to go back fast(instead of rewinding a record or picking up a needle).But nothing beats the sound of Vynal Decks.