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Creating Community: Social Networks for DJs

2:44 AM, 31 Aug 2015
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dopeNL 8:32 AM - 2 September, 2015
nice atrical :•) thanks
Jose Lara 1:00 AM - 25 September, 2015
Good stuff
djlamberto 11:35 AM - 20 August, 2016
Good from Italy
steve dee 12:06 AM - 24 February, 2017
This was a very Helpful article. Thanks DJ Steve Dee
Amandagrey 8:31 AM - 13 August, 2017
Thanks for the tip! I'm thinking of starting my own blog, I have Facebook, Twitter, IG and snapchat already. I've been creating a lot of original remixes with Spark DJ, an app introduced by a DJ friend to me and I was able to download it easily from I have shared my mashups on Mixcloud and Soundcloud and I think a blog is something I'd like to work on.