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Input Reverse Function is missing in Serato Dj

night-dj 8:31 AM - 17 August, 2015
It’s been over a yeah since I made a feature request. Will there ever been the Input Reverse feature for single turntables? Is there any new workaround?

I am a long-time Serato Scratch Live Dj still using Timecode Vinyls and a analogue mixer. I am really happy with ScratchLive, especially with the clean and easy interface. Yesterday, I though I give Serato Dj a try. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to use the Input Reverse Function (L R). Input Reverse Function was the main reason why I switched back from Traktor to Serato!

Of course, I’ve tried to use Instant doubles feature however is not working me. I don’t want to transfer gain, EQ settings all time. Moreover you can hear the transition when I use the crossfader. Instant doubles is a dirty workaround for for worst case situation only.

So, please bring back Input Reverse in a upcoming release. Looking forward for any comments.
Longy 5:22 PM - 15 October, 2015
I can not believe not a single Dj has replied to this post, or better yet an engineer giving us some good news.
Please make this happen, the new software looks great
HeAD 5:49 AM - 12 August, 2016
Please bring input reverse back. And if I missed it coming back please don't 🔥flame🔥 me too bad.
kristinachilds 3:33 AM - 6 November, 2017
thirded and fourthed. i'm beside myself to realize that reverse input was removed in serato dj! why?? the additional deck, leaving 1&3 on the left and 2 on the right? if that's it, why not just allow freeform assign to each channel?

in a single-deck emergency situation, reverse input is key. please bring back!
HeAD 3:58 PM - 25 February, 2018
robramsaynz 8:04 AM - 9 October, 2018
+1. I would also love this feature.

p.s. dreamkiller's suggestion here: may work for some people
dj zaza 6:04 AM - 13 October, 2018
+1 add reverse input thanks