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I have a great idea!

Mitchythekid 7:50 AM - 10 August, 2015
I was thinking. It would be super awesome if Serato came out with a release. That wouldn't completely implode and lock up if someone bumps the usb to my external hard drive. You'd think that in that 2.5gigs of ram that it uses. It would be able to load the 10mb song that's currently playing in to ram.

But I mean. I guess it's not really that big of a deal if your music stops while hundreds of people are dancing.

And then you have to shut it down. And restart the program. And then it takes 5 mins for your library to load.

But I mean, I agree. It's everyone's fault for not being prepared to throw a mix on from your phone to an aux cord. Because that always goes over super well.

Anyways. Yeah, How sweet would that be. If it didn't completely implode!
FighteRanger 8:23 AM - 10 August, 2015
Its a good idea, but its very unlikely somebody just randomly come behind the booth and unplug your hard drive. At least for me. Anytime my MAC is out, I try to stay around it or keep eye contact with it since a MAC is more vulnerable then a Hard Drive

But you gotta think about the outcome of all of this. Thats more resource the program will need, more RAMM, more processing.

Also, RAMM doesn't include just the Software your currently running, it includes some information for the operating system and other stuff your computer will need in a hurry. So at the end of the day, the program might required 2 GB at that time, but your actually using 3.5gb of your RAMM (from other software). And this can make a difference with users with 4 GB Macbooks
Mitchythekid 8:28 AM - 10 August, 2015
Just because you are isolated in your booth. Doesn't mean everyone is in the exact same situation as you. It also.... Doesn't mean some drunk girl won't decide to set her drink on the non existent ledge on the dj booth. Which will in turn drop on your usb cable. Or someone won't "put their fucking hands up" and somehow hit your laptop. Which will in turn. Not completely unplug your laptop. But, Move the usb cable enough to cause serato to implode. Because it doesn't really take much.