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SDJ problems and missing/incomplete features

arkaei 4:06 PM - 3 July, 2015
Here are some things I've noticed on my rig(s) and have been able to reproduce (or that have just been recurring with no specific trigger action) across 3 laptops. Also, some features I personally consider lacking.

Laptop (most powerful of the 3 used): XMG U505
W7/64 SP1, 4.4 GHz i7-4790K (that's a desktop CPU), nVidia GTX980m, 32 GB RAM, 1.5 TB SSD (in short: insane processing power).

Hardware: Rane Sixty-Four, Numark NS7mk2, Akai AFX

I'm currently running SDJ 1.7.6, but these problems have been around since I've started using SDJ. I can't be the only one to have noticed them and I hope some of you guys will take the time to confirm these issues.

I'll start with the bugs.

1. Tempo-synced effects randomly go haywire on the timing (pitch looper, tape delay etc.). Can't exactly pinpoint and reproduce, but this happens regularly mid-set - and it's not my beat grids, they're ALL spot-on.

2. Pitch Looper effect often "crashes", audible result is a mixture of bit reduction and 50% wet sound instead of 100%. Sometimes, loading another effect and reverting to Pitch Looper helps - but in most cases, restarting SDJ is the only fix. Obviously impossible in a live situation, quite frustrating.

3. Crude Shifter effect produces a VERY noticeable dropout when you activate it for the first time on a newly loaded track (and sounds really bad, taking "crude" a bit too literally there guys).

4. Waveform display lags on a system that can pull two Kinect sensors with HD output to two projectors at a time without even breaking a sweat. Nothing to do with refresh rate, tried everything.

5. When using the AFX with the Sixty-Four, switching the input matrix on a channel from USB A to USB B causes the playing track to jump to the first beatgrid marker.

Now let's look at the features. I've recently had a go on SSL with a Sixty-Two and I now fully understand why people are still using it instead of SDJ. In fact, I'm so disappointed with nothing significant happening that I'm actually back on TSP for now (which BTW works wonderfully with the hex-hack on the Sixty-Four ‪#‎DIYcertify‬).

5. The MIDI panel in SSL completely owns the one in SDJ, but even that can't hold a candle to TSP. How long have we been waiting for this to reach an acceptable standard? I want to map my RGB controllers properly... but it's not just the advanced stuff. A friend of mine is on OSX and uses an X1 for browsing and loading in SSL - he can't make the same mapping for SDJ because he can't adjust for encoder behaviour well enough.

6. Filters in multi mode lack adjustable resonance, especially the combo filter which is much too aggressive by default. I don't have that problem with the Sixty-Four because it has filters per channel, but my friend (who uses SL boxes with club install mixers) complains about it - and having tested it, I have to agree: this sucks. Same goes for the noise generator stuff - way too loud, insufficient control.

7. Tempo-synced effects only have straight timings available in multi mode, severely limiting combos. If there's only 2 FX units where TSP has four, at least make them more tweakable. Suggestion: make it possible to open up individual multi effects for editing (as if they were singles), store changes as presets, include off-timings (maybe as an option in the settings).

8. Pitch'n Time sounds awesome, but has no adjustable key, and using Traktor again only reminds me of how much more control you have when going for a fully harmonic mix. I've heard élastique pro v3 in action and I think it's safe to assume TSP3 will have that on board it when it comes out - P'n'T needs key adjust, period. If it needs more CPU, so be it - it's not like we have to use it, Video SL needs power too. Implement now, optimize later (but please do optimize eventually).

9. The SDJ iPad app does everything except library management, so you still have to look at the laptop screen when browsing. The D2s do it, the NV and NS7mk3 do it, no app does it - why not be the first?
arkaei 4:07 PM - 3 July, 2015
...oh and never mind that I can't count to 10 ;)
arkaei 5:11 PM - 31 March, 2017
Great support there, guys. I really feel valued as a customer.
Laz219 12:28 AM - 2 April, 2017
You'd have been better contacting Serato support directly,
They don't check every thread on the forums.
arkaei 9:40 AM - 2 April, 2017
I've sorted all my issues out by switching back to Traktor.
Serato, Support
Jordan L 10:48 PM - 2 April, 2017
I've sorted all my issues out by switching back to Traktor.

Hey Arkaei,

Very sorry that we didn't get back to you. We're here to help you resolve any problems if you wish to try Serato DJ again.

All the best.