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FX in Headphone Cue

DJ Vin 10:49 PM - 25 June, 2015
Would love to be able to hear the effect within the headphone cue so I have the true output of sound. At times, there are bars/clubs that have no monitor so headphone mixing is a must. In order to mix properly using effects, the headphones would output exactly what the master out outputs.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

-DJ Vin
musiclee 2:49 AM - 26 June, 2015
That would make too much sense wouldn't it
DJ Cyrix 7:15 AM - 26 June, 2015
&Midge 3:19 PM - 26 June, 2015
The Post Fade FX and Pre Fade FX discussions have been around for a while.

This is the downside to Post Fade.

I would also like the hear the FX on the headphones, but also like Post Fade FX.
Riko Roos 8:54 AM - 29 June, 2015
Sounds to me like a misunderstanding. Not that I wouldn't like FX cueing, but hearing the master output in headphones is as simple as enabling cue on the master channel. Your mixer or controller should be able to do it...
DJ Compiler 1:00 PM - 29 June, 2015
You cant hear the FX in the cue though. They don't get applied until after the cue in the signal chain. So you cant tell what the FX will sound like until after you play it through the master
&Midge 4:20 PM - 29 June, 2015
No, it's not a misunderstanding.

This is way my SL2 has FX in the headphones (the FX are sent Pre Fade), but my VCI 380 has not FX in the headphones (the FX are sent Post Fade).
deejdave 12:47 AM - 30 June, 2015
but hearing the master output in headphones is as simple as enabling cue on the master channel.

The AMX is able to do this yes but as everyone else said already the cue FX is preferred. You can hear the filter, and EQ differences but not FX.
hansjer 1:29 AM - 13 July, 2015
+1 on hearing the cue FX. Why would I not want to hear what it sounds like with the FX applied when cuing it up before dropping it in? Seems like common sense to me.
Aaronacoe 3:19 AM - 24 November, 2015
Yes this is a design flaw in an otherwise amazing piece of equipment. Please add a dial for pre/post headphone effect monitoring on future products.