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Serato DJ won't allow playing of a track...

M-POP 11:55 AM - 22 June, 2015
Hello, anyone have any suggestions as to why Serato DJ won't load a track. If I drag it into the deck it won't work. I thought it was the AMX at first but even dragging it manually or using a shortcut it refuses to play the track I want to load. Restarting or taking lead out does seem to help intermittently and then the non working deck changes from side to other side. Luckily I swapped to vinyl records whilst I unplugged ;(
raedonquan 12:34 PM - 22 June, 2015
ok i guess i need to translate... i am using AMX with DVS and i cant seem to load a song to the decks. I tried loading the song by either using the mouse and drag the track to the decks.
i also used the keyboard short cuts. The songs will still not load.

i did restart the program and unpluged the connections on the AMX , seem to work intermittently ...

i had to switch to playing vinyl.

ok i didnt think you can play vinyl on the amx stand alone...

did you analize the track?

does the song play on the off line player?

does the song play in any other program.?
M-POP 5:23 PM - 22 June, 2015
Hello I play vinyl records via phono inputs on the other 2 channels of the club mixer. I have the amx on its own line channel for when I play digital songs that I haven't brought on vinyl.

Yes song plays in Traktor and iTunes and djay. And songs are indeed anylised and played many times before. Weird isn't it.

It's intermittent and swaps decks too.

When I pulled out the amx and it was 1 deck I am pretty sure I'd did play actually, it seemed to be a problem using both. I wonder if I had suddenly had it on a setting where it only wanted to use one deck? When I stopped a track and then dragged the tune I couldn't play day in left it would load on right.
It was like it refused to use that deck suddenly. Is there a setting I've accidental pressed where it shows 2 decks but only let's you load one? The non working deck was not playing.

Thanks for your reply anyway much appreciated
raedonquan 6:46 PM - 22 June, 2015
I didn't know you had the club mixer with tt...

Seem very strange for it to happen...

I did notice if I played a song to the end and decide to load the song again on a different day I
It says the song is there but it's played at the end.

I don't know why it is .. but I just use needle search or put the mouse over the track and drag it back to the begining
Serato, Forum Moderator
Michael R 3:35 AM - 23 June, 2015

I see you've opened a help ticket, someone from our Support Team will assist you with this soon.

However while I'm here though, just a thought on the problem you are having: do you have the Lock Playing Deck option in the DJ Preferences tab on the Setup screen enabled? If so, this means you won't be able to load a track to a deck while that deck is playing. If you stop the deck, you can then load a track.

DJ Scena 2:15 AM - 3 December, 2017
while playing on the ddjsx2 i accidentally pressed deck 3 button on noticing that i returned to deck one however when i press play there was no response the play button on serato deck indicated but track would not move that happen in the middle of a set i had to use deck there to make my transitions i also noticed the censor button blinking pressed it it cut off but some problem is there any way to solve this problem with out cutting off and restarting computer