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Rane 62 Buttons

Mitchythekid 7:24 AM - 3 February, 2015
Does anyone know where I can buy some buttons for my 62???

Mine is a first run mixer and they are having issues. Of course they want me to send my mixer away, Even though I can change them myself. And I live in Canada and bought mine in the USA. So shipping would cost a mint....
pdidy 10:45 AM - 3 February, 2015
uuum, Rane would be the first place that comes to mind.
desmorider 2:34 PM - 5 February, 2015
If the buttons are bad, they will most likely pay for shipping. Did you ask them to pay the shipping? They are very easy to work with.
woody008 5:12 PM - 5 February, 2015
hersh20 8:48 PM - 12 February, 2015
^ ++++++1