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SERATO DJ do not show any songs in library after restarting app!!!

vento 9:59 PM - 23 December, 2014
Hi. I need a help!
I have my music on external drive. Actually fast speed sd card.
Recently i switched fro SL to SDJ. There was no problems at begining, when i imported my folders in library. But after creating subcrates, no songs is showing up in library after relaunching SDJ. I have deleted library and database files for few times, and it is working in the beginning, but after relaunching SDJ. The library is completely empty. Only crates and subcrates is showed.
I can not understand the reason of it! Funny thing is that Scratch Live is showing every song in library at the same time (Not actually the same time - im not launching both apps at he same time).
Is there some differences with the subcrates in SDJ and SL?
vento 10:05 PM - 23 December, 2014
After writing anything in the search box. (for example letter "a") Songs is showing up - these songs witch have this letter. But only in crate im searching, not in others. After that i can load and play these songs, but i can not sort them - sorting is not responding.
vento 10:39 PM - 23 December, 2014
Ok after some 10 minutes all other files showed up and search is working too. But It is not a solution, if there happens some problem and i need relaunch. And still SL is working at the launch. Solution for SDJ?
Micah G. 3:28 AM - 12 January, 2015
Hey vento,

Hit up the support team, and we can look into that for you. Start a help request here -

Dj MomoLatino 6:27 PM - 24 July, 2017
same for me I'm going crazy
Nathaniel T 3:31 AM - 26 July, 2017
Hey DJ MomoLatino,

I would suggest that you get in touch with Serato support as well. You can do that here -