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10:38 PM, 16 Apr 2009
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illist1200 12:32 AM - 17 April, 2009
Nick M 1:05 AM - 17 April, 2009
Dave is that your Maths champion T shirt?
ChrisD 1:07 AM - 17 April, 2009
A truly delicious achievement.
dave 1:17 AM - 17 April, 2009
Dave is that your Maths champion T shirt?

Yeah bwoy, I'm gangsta.
BERTO 4:15 AM - 17 April, 2009
perfect lets shoot for 2 mill i give it 3 months
Dj_Kirby 5:20 AM - 17 April, 2009
congrats!!! cant stop wont stop
djphilly 5:39 AM - 17 April, 2009
DJ Stuart (AR) 8:25 AM - 17 April, 2009

You can record an "A Milli" freestyle now.
Brigid 12:04 AM - 20 April, 2009
A millionaire
We're young millionaires
Tougher than your average develop-aires
Our criteria compared to other sites just isn't fair
We have a download steez, where you get tracks for free

Don't think it would work somehow.
Dj Imfamous G 4:29 AM - 20 April, 2009
Bout to remix it now lol.... Congrats on the mile stone, and as a Supporter I see us pushing another milli in a couple months with a the type of music there is available!!! G
Dj Lennie III 3:45 AM - 21 April, 2009
Congrats! I know I have been downloading more than I expected from this site. Really pleased with the variety! Keep up the great work! Now if each download represented a $1.00!
Kizra 1:16 PM - 21 April, 2009
Congratulations! I would like to know how I can use the logo fo a free mix CD posted on the website. Please respond.
H12 6:42 PM - 23 April, 2009
Thumbs up!!! wohooo millionaire...
dj collar 4:48 PM - 24 April, 2009
Congrats!! You guys have really created a stellar site, from discussion to great track selection - cheers! Here's to 2 million and beyond!
Dablaznone 12:53 AM - 25 April, 2009
this is a great site for the DJ's.....
gives the tracks that aint getting played over the air lets them get heard an also lets the tracks out first to some djs....
congrads on the millllllllion..
Nick M 4:44 AM - 27 April, 2009
I just noticed James in the background eating a bowl of cereal......
Scott B 9:41 PM - 27 April, 2009
not sure which is worse... eating cake for breakfast or cereal for lunch?

James 9:50 PM - 27 April, 2009
Whew! I guess I'm more than fashionably late. Congrats to all!

I didn't know James was a lunch time cereal eater. I'll make a note of it. Is he a bright color high sugar content cereal guy or healthy high fiber naturalist? ; )

Latte in a bowl?
DJ Prinvale` 2:27 AM - 5 May, 2009
MK 1 10:59 AM - 6 May, 2009
DJ GOOK 1:25 PM - 6 May, 2009
Congrats whitelable
Seratojazz 9:18 PM - 8 May, 2009
The SMF 3:29 PM - 11 May, 2009
wicked things!!
temporal 7:26 AM - 18 May, 2009
super rad! congratulations!
JamesĀ“s bowl of Latte must have been great with it.... go the Serato Baking Dept!
pluggedup 8:02 PM - 2 June, 2009
it looks like a ground beef and mustard cake....grab a bun and a grill!