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Serato Remote for iPad/Android - Search Feature Request

DJ Yaitanis 2:12 PM - 18 November, 2014
Yes I know Serato Remote is not available for Serato DJ Yet. I have one simple request that I hope is not that difficult to manage into Serato Remote Specifically for iPad and with Pioneer recently releasing the XDJ-1000 I think now it the time to start prioritizing this into the development schedule.

Why can't we have a search feature in Serato Remote? There are many times I will get a request that I have to go to the Keyboard and type it in, the iPad have a vivid keyboard screen where as the laptop screen is dark (I try not to use the keyboard lights), but it is right there in your face!

How hard world it be? You could search by Song, Artist, BPM etc.

Come on guys get with it, it would be a great enhancement!

Thank you for your consideration!!!
DJ Yaitanis 2:13 PM - 18 November, 2014
Sorry I meant that Serato Remote is not available for Android yet!