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Pitch and TIme

Shane C 2:55 PM - 5 September, 2014
Does anyone else feel like Pitch and Time Expansion is a complete Waste? I bought it yesterday, thinking it would allow for Extreme Time and Pitch changes like advertised, but nope it does not do a dam thing! Funny thing is costumer support told me I can not have a refund, because Serato does not claim the expansion allows Extreme changes, but in fact it does! The rep also said it is my hardware that is limiting this, but I told the Costumer service rep., that VDJ8 and VDJ7 allows for extreme pitch and time, therefor My Hardware is not limiting the pitch and time, like the rep claims.. Very frustrating paying good hard earned money for something that does nothing! Point is, it seems Serato would rather Keep my 30 bucks and have a very unsatisfied costumer, than refund my money like the honest thing is to do. Thanks Serato as you have made one Happy customer (sarcasm) !