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Mapping issue: Auto-loop for Numark N4 on top of manual looping

DISGUISED 8:49 PM - 23 August, 2014
Manually looping is time consuming and thus unproductive. Most controllers don't use it any more because of this reason.

The implementation of this feature in the Numark N4 is a mapping problem and shouldn't be too complicated. The current 'Loop Out' button goes to 'start autoloop', the one left of it (now Loop In) to 'smaller loop', the one right (now reloop) to 'longer loop' and the last one most to the right to Reloop. This feature is almost implemented now underneath the 'shift' button except for the 'start auto-loop'. The old feature could be saved for those used to it, by getting this feature underneath shift.

I would love this feature because it would make me able to loop in a more up-tempo performance.

To all other N4 users, I know this could make a small change to your routine, but it could make a huge improvement on your productivity. Are you with me?
Kasimir 1:13 AM - 16 March, 2015
I'm with you and would prefer an auto-loop handling I'm used to have at Pioneer DDJ-SX. That's quite smart and senseful. Pls no buggy implementation this time :)
OllieDrew 7:22 PM - 21 May, 2017
Hi, can I please reiterate how useful this would be - not having an autoloop feature is fairly annoying. Would be great if you could make the small ajustment. Thanks x
mixgoonie 8:22 PM - 5 October, 2017
Hello, i am sorry, how do you use auto-loop on the N4