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Latency between headphones and speakers

Vestax VCI‑300
Kenneth Kweder 7:09 PM - 19 March, 2009
Product: itch
Version: 1.0.4
Hardware: vestax-vci-300
Computer: mac
OS Version: 10.5.5

There is a delay between my headphones and the output of the system. Meaning, I hear the track in the headphones before I hear it from the speakers.
Kenneth Kweder 7:45 PM - 19 March, 2009
Any suggestions on what the problem is?
Matt-C 9:43 PM - 19 March, 2009
Hi Kenneth.

What are you plugging your VCI into? (ie. mixer, amp, direct to speakers etc). Thanks.
Kenneth Kweder 1:17 PM - 20 March, 2009
I am plugging into an Onkyo amplifier that is a part of my home stereo system. This is the first time I tried to play through a system, since I purchased the VCI I've been playing thru headphones only. I got a gig on Saturday downtown Chicago and I hooked it up to my home theater system to give it a test run. I tried to adjust settings thinking it was a delay setting in the Amplifier, meaning I looked for a bypass setting or a "straight thru" setting, but there was none. So, I set it to stereo mode and the delay was still there. I am really concerned, I've been DJ"ing for 16 years and this is my first experience with mixing with visual aids, I've adjusted fine and will be able to use the visuals alone if this problem I'm having is not resolved by Saturday. But I gotta figure this out soon, I need to hear my mixes.
Matt-C 8:40 PM - 22 March, 2009
Can you try setting this up without that stereo? It does sound like there's a delay after the RCA outputs, there should be no delay within the VCI.

Also remember each setup you go to you might need to calibrate the VCI-300 platters.
Check here, it's a good idea to get familiar with this, as each set up is different:

Let me know how you get on.
Kenneth Kweder 2:47 PM - 23 March, 2009
All is well Matt. The delay was in amplifier. I hooked up to a normal power amplifier and there was no delay. Thanks, Kenny
Matt-C 9:34 PM - 23 March, 2009
Great news Kenny. It's can be quite confusing when you plug into an amp and this kind of thing happens! Let us know if you have any further questions. Enjoy :D