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PITCH Control problem!

Prime-X 6:39 AM - 3 July, 2004
I love this scratch live using regular turntable it's "Great", but when I use my Denon Dn-S5000 and start scratching it's a little bit different and pitch control (from my CD player) kills the quality of the sound, you start hearing little pops everywhere. I think this needs to be fix. This is a "MUST" for the next update on the software, what do you guys think.
feniks 3:50 PM - 3 July, 2004

please post known issues in the Known Issues forum as this forum is for feature suggestions. that being said, please keep in mind that when you distort the control signal with certain CD player features (such as the master tempo function on many new generation CD players) you distort the control signal in a such a way that the computer begins to have trouble recognizing it. the control signal can be sped up and slowed down (which increases or decreases both pitch and tempo simultaneously) and still be recognized without problem. it's when you begin to adjust the speed and tempo independantly (ie: shifting the tempo without changing the pitch) that you begin to have problems. if you're having problems changing the pitch on your CD player (using the control signal CDs i assume) try checking to make sure that you don't have a master tempo function engaged (in other words make sure that when you slide the pitch knob it is operating like a regular turntable and changing both the tempo and pitch together rather than just one of those). hope this helps.
DJ Dynamight 6:56 PM - 4 July, 2004
yes, the master tempo/key lock will introduce pops in the audio, but I have also experienced pops while scratching with the SSL CD on my S5000, and also while looping.

I figured it was normal b/c it is the absolute nature of CDs. Sometimes when reversing the curses in a wave file, I would hear pops until I adjusted the start/end point that I selected to make it more seamless.
AJ 9:38 PM - 4 July, 2004
This is not a problem with scratch live. You cannot use pitch control on our control records, because you are destroying the control signal. Using pitch control on the control signal makes no sense at all. It is like putting a midi signal through a reverb box, and expecting the notes that your sound module makes to have reverb on it.

The control signal is not the audio, you can't do audio transformations on it and expect
(a) that those transformations will not ruin the control system, and
(b) for the same audio transformation to magically be applied to the synthesized music that comes out of scratch live.

Pitch control MUST be done from within the scratch, and currently there is no way to do it. But watch this space for plug-in news.
nik39 9:46 PM - 4 July, 2004
It is like putting a midi signal through a reverb box, and expecting the notes that your sound module makes to have reverb on it.

lol :D
Josh 12:09 AM - 5 July, 2004
Perhaps when you're scratching the Denon decks are doing some kind of RIAA adjustment or "vinyl simulation"? That would affect the control signal whilst scratching...