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sound volume from master at max and gains high but no real volume

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX
The Soleshaker 11:35 AM - 1 June, 2014
all was fine but strangely I keep on losing volume the master gain does not work with controller and I used the mouse to increase volume now it is at maximum and hardly any volume
The Soleshaker 10:23 AM - 2 June, 2014
please can you help master gain not working between my controller DDJ-SX and Serato
Scott S 9:56 PM - 3 June, 2014
Hi Soleshaker,

Due to the configuration of the DDJ-SX, the master knob on the controller is not linked to the master volume in the software. Keep the master in the software (top right) at a reasonable level (12 o'clock~2 o'clock) and adjust the master on the controller to preference.

Turning the knob on the controller will not relate to the knob in the software, as they are two different signals (one is pre mixer and one is post mixer).

The Soleshaker 2:51 PM - 5 June, 2014
Hi Scott,

I did that but some reason I am not getting decent volume even in the headphones on master cue, on channel cue very loud as I have to turn the channel gain up really high just to get any volume.
When I use Traktor with the controller that problem is not there!! I much prefer Serato and I am so upset that it is not functioning properly.
daveymarc 9:35 PM - 31 August, 2014
similar to myself. why is this happening?
elhombrecilloverde 8:15 PM - 9 September, 2014
Hello, my name is Richard.

I will briefly explain my problem. Since I upgraded to 1.7 serato dj the volume of my DDj Sr is ridiculously low, I tried to change cables (I have the neo cables) I tried to connect 2 different hifi, I tested the various outputs from the controller, I tried also to change the usb cable. I have reinstalled the previous version of serato, then returned to the serato dj 1.7, I restart thousand times between steps. And nothing, the problem is still there, I have to work again tomorrow, I will have to carry the turntables, mixer, my sl1 and all because of this update. I think frankly unfortunate, that a company such EXPENSIVE as Rane have this errors. Every time I'm closer to Traktor. I do not understand that these things happen in theory PROFESSIONAL products.

I have a retina 13 "8GB of ram, ssd, OS: 10.9.4.

I want to say that I'm using scratch live from the SL1, and from about 8 months ago I bought a Pioneer DDJ SR and I switched to Serato Dj. At first I regretted only because of the software. And today I'm about to leave completely and Serato happen to traktor, which is much cheaper and it seems at least as good (for many things better). Rane gives it. I always try to buy the best, hoping to have at least a decent reliability of the price of each product I buy everything including accessories, I always buy their necessary protection linings, carrying bags, etc. My teams are like the first day, ALL. Today, I do not think Rane is synonymous with quality.
DJ Kook 1:05 PM - 16 October, 2014
What I do not understand is why this issue is not being addressed ON this website. Several people have raised the issue of low sound or no sound coming out of speakers (computer, master or otherwise). Every single thread is specific enough about their issue that I pick up on EXACTLY the issue immediately after reading the passages; yet the techs(or whoever moderates this forum) do not seem to post any answers and also ask questions that are addressed in the original question's post.

I have this same issue with the DDj-SR; when it is plugged into EVERYTHING (speakers, computer, etc) no sound comes out. The songs are loaded, playing and responding to hot ques, BUT no sound is coming out of the master speakers. Also, when I listen to the cues int he headphones, they too are silent. This is happening with both the MASTER and BOOTH SOUND outputs.

Why is this happening first of all? There are not infinite causes of this; I want to know what causes this. Please address this issue in your reply and not in a private message.
charles rengifo 3:05 AM - 22 December, 2015
saludos tengo una pioneer sx2 con serato dj y me sucede que el volumen se le aumenta inesperadamente yvuelve y se le baja y asi se manteine deseo obtener ayuda muchas gracias
buruto 11:07 AM - 25 January, 2016
Did nobody get an answer? Please share.