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how to convert wma file to work

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DDJ‑SR
paradis 4:40 PM - 22 May, 2014
have wma file and they will not load on serato dj do I have to convert them to mp 3or other or is there a way to use them?
Davideon 5:26 PM - 22 May, 2014
Yes convert them. But if its wma I'd delete it
Serato, Support
Mak T 10:50 PM - 29 May, 2014
Hey Paradis,

Thanks for getting in touch with us here at Serato HQ. The .wma file format is not supported in the Serato DJ software, and you will in deed need to convert it into a a supported file format such as an .mp3 file. You can do this via a third party software.


Mak T
Frankie B. 4:37 PM - 24 August, 2014
Do you have any suggestions? I have over 3,000 songs I can't play.
Davideon 6:27 PM - 24 August, 2014
BOOGIEFROMCUR 6:49 AM - 16 December, 2014
I would recommend you to use Sony Sound Forge (windows program) and batch convert them.
DJ Doublevision 8:09 PM - 19 January, 2015
mediahuman audio converter ,just drop and drag the files :)
2:00 AM, 22 Apr 2015
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