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Corrupt Files when converting to MP3 with Wavelab?

Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
welly 8:02 AM - 9 March, 2009
I use Steinberg wavelab 5.0 to convert my ripped .wav files to MP3, I use the batch tool to convert my files.

When I build overviews in SL on the converted MP3's, most of them end up with the "Corrupt File: This file contains invalid audio data" tag?

The files still play in SL, but it's annoying having the symbol next to all the files.

It doesn't affect all of the files, which is weird, as all of the files have been through exactly the sames processes to end up as mp3's.

has anyone else had this issue?
Rane, Support
Shaun W 5:46 PM - 9 March, 2009
I've heard of similar issues with Wavelab in the past. What version of SSL are you currently using?
welly 6:12 AM - 12 March, 2009
Hi Shaun,

I'm using SSL 1.8.3.

I have also had the issue of SSL corrupting wav files too, which won't open in Wavelab once they have been corrupted. It seems as if SSL adds data to the start and end of the waveform, which shows up in the wave form as two sharp spikes at the start of the file and a block of spikes at the end. I have to import the corrupted wav files back into wavelab as special files, removed the additional added data spikes and re-save them as wav's again. A major headache.

Not sure if this additional data is added when building overviews, or just when the tracks are played in SSSL?

Anyway, that a separate issue to the one I initially logged...

Rane, Support
Shaun W 3:13 PM - 12 March, 2009
Yes, Scratch LIVE does add data to audio files (tag info, overviews, and etc) and some programs (eg Wavelab) seem to have issues interpreting the added information.

I suggest uploading a few of those tracks to the Serato developers server for testing -->>
welly 12:34 AM - 13 March, 2009
Hi Shaun,

I will upload some affected wav files.

Do you know if other programs such as SoundForge have similar problems? Or could you suggest a similar feature rich program i could used for recording / editing / encoding my vinyl rips that does'nt have these issues?

pueblofunky 6:56 AM - 15 March, 2009
Hi Shaun,
I have also had the issue of SSL corrupting wav files too, which won't open in Wavelab once they have been corrupted.

SSL doesn't destroy the WAV files. Wavelab isn't able to read the correct RIFF format and only allows the very first sub chunks.

SSL adds the sub chunk "ID3 ". Every software can add it's sub chunk but it should be a standard (whatever this means). "ID3 " is a de-facto standard and also supported by Tag & Rename. This sub chunk includes the ID3 tag stream as in MP3's.

Wavelab only allows sub chunk which it knows. If it found any other sub chunk it reports the error. That would mean that Wavelab isn't compatible to new sub chunks. And that's a bug - which is fixed in Wavelab 6.06 (or so).

You can download & install the tagging software Tag & Rename. You could remove all the ID3 tag (+ sub chunk) from a WAV file - and then you will be able to re-open it in Wavelab.

I highly recommend to use Sony Sound Forge 9.0 (e is maybe the latest version) instead of Wavelab. SSF supports unknown sub chunks and writes them back correctly too (but you can not edit the tags of course).

Note: Do not use Tag & Rename AND SSL for tagging. If you use Tag & Rename then protect your library in SSL. Otherwise SSL writes back the ID3 tags and may destroy some tags. See another confirmed thread.

I tag my software with Tag & Rename. Before I go djing I set all files to READ-ONLY. In SSL the library is unprotected. In this case SSL doesn't write back the data but you can still add/move/delete the files in the crates. will soon support ID3 tag in WAV files - which is much better for the tagging process.

See also here:
djbengz 4:31 AM - 2 January, 2011
how do i convert the files i record so i can burn them?
Rane, Support
Shaun W 6:40 PM - 4 January, 2011
how do i convert the files i record so i can burn them?

Please start your own thread and someone will help you there, thanks :)