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Problem with track load from SZ?

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DDJ‑SZ
carnage 9:05 AM - 13 May, 2014
If I am browing tracks in the Files window, highlight a track, and then press the browser knob on the sz - the track does not load. Instead, the browse jumps down to the main library window. From there i am able to load tracks.

On the sx it worked the same.

But on the SX, pressing the load button then loaded the highlighted track to the correct deck - from the Files window.

Is there a way to load from the files window?
Serato, Support
Sam GG 11:28 PM - 15 May, 2014
Hey Carnage,

I think this is a limitation of the DDJ-SZ hardware. As there is no dedicated "LOAD" or FORWARD" button the pressing of the scroll knob performs both of those actions. When in any panel other than your library it acts as a forward navigation and will cycle forwards through open panels. If the focus is already in your library it will perform a LOAD action.

This is different to the DDJ-SX where you can press the scroll knob for forward navigation and each channel also has a dedicated LOAD button.

I hope that answers your questions,