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DJM-900SRT + CD2000 Nexus not working with track search + absolute mode

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DJM-900SRT
pueblofunky 6:03 PM - 17 April, 2014
When I play in absolute mode and press track search back button - to start at the beginning of the track - the cd jumps back to 0 sec but the track on Serato DJ (1.6, 1.6.1) still plays where it was before. The track does not start at the beginning.

3 CD2000 Nexus players are connected to DJM-900 SRT and the DJM-900 SRT is directly connected to my Windows 8 Laptop via USB 2.0.

Serato DJ, 1.6 and 1.6.1
DJM-900 SRT Firmware 1.10, Windows Driver 1.10
CD 2000 Nexus Firmware 1.21, Windows Drivers 1.21

It's impossible to work with Serato DJ. I can only use/work with Absolute Mode.

Any ideas what I could try?

I still have to use SSL 2.5 (I can not change the setup in the club because all is closed).
Serato, Support
David Wood 3:13 AM - 22 April, 2014
Hey pueblofunky,

Thanks for getting in touch.
When I play in absolute mode and press track search back button - to start at the beginning of the track - the cd jumps back to 0 sec but the track on Serato DJ (1.6, 1.6.1) still plays where it was before. The track does not start at the beginning.

This behaviour is with REL mode, i'm assuming that you are taking about REL mode in this description.
We are aware of this issue. We are currently working on a fix for this issue, we hope to bring a fix in a future release.

Dave W
pueblofunky 6:42 PM - 25 April, 2014
No, this is in ABS mode. I only play in ABS mode.

When I hit the track back button to go to the start of the track, SDJ 1.6.1 (and 1.6.0) does not jump to the beginning of the track and play continuous.

- start SDJ
- choose a track on a deck
- hit the start button to play the track (via the Serato CD).
- after 5 secs I press track back on the CDJ 2000 Nexus
- CDJ shows 0 time, but the track still playes from 5 secs and not from the start.

On Tuesday 6th of May I'll be in the club again and could test a fix from a beta if you have one for me.

Thanks a lot!
pueblofunky 6:44 PM - 25 April, 2014
PS: I've also tried REL but it didn't work but can't remember exactly what it was.
deejdave 9:08 PM - 25 April, 2014
Any reason why you are not using the Nexus's in HID mode and set to INT (Internal)?

This problem is non-existant in INT.
pueblofunky 9:13 PM - 25 April, 2014
I'll try it on 6th May - not possible before. Thanks!
deejdave 9:16 PM - 25 April, 2014
You are certainly in for quite a shocker. THIS is actually the way the 2000's were intended to be used.
pueblofunky 9:34 PM - 25 April, 2014
I only have 30-45 minutes to test SDJ with DJM-900 SRT when I am in the club before they open and only used SL1 and SSL until yet. ;-)

However, I only want to test it how it would work without an additional hardware SL1 but due the bad readability in SDJ (bold font, no lines as separator between tracks, etc.) against SSL I will and can not switch (which would include to buy a SL2,3,4 for other mixers). But that's another thread. ;-)

pueblofunky 8:18 PM - 7 May, 2014
I've tried to set the CDJ 2000 Nexus into HID mode:

I've searched for "HID" in the manual "DRI1052A.pdf" - but nothing found. ???

Then I looked into the "Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus Quickstart Guide for Serato DJ.pdf". But it's only for using CDJ-2000 directly connected to the laptop. This is not my situation.

Then I checked the "Serato_DJ_connection_guide_En" but as above. Not my situation.

Then I checked the manual "Quickstart_DRI1157A.pdf" page 9 / 11 "when using DJ players". Step 1 is setup by the club owner. I did step (loaded the control cds), did step 3, did step 4. No words about that I should use the HID mode.

ABS mode does not work as required. When I press the track back button, Serato DJ still continous playing the track although the counter of the CD is starting from zero (but the track does not start playing at the beginning).

For this test yesterday I've used

Serato DJ: 1.6.2
DJM-900 SRT Firmware 1.10, Windows Driver 1.10
CDJ 2000 Nexus Firmware 1.22, Windows Drivers 1.21

I am very sorry, but Serato DJ is - beside the unreadable GUI - not usable.

My next test date in the club is very late: June, 24th.

Any ideas what I could try ...
Serato, Support
David Wood 10:19 PM - 7 May, 2014
Hey pueblofunky,

I'd suggest having a read of this article on setting up HID mode with your hardware:

Let me know if you need any further assistance on the setup.

Dave W
pueblofunky 5:58 AM - 8 May, 2014
HI Dave,

when I read the description of your link above it shows that I should connect the 2 CDJ 2000 Nexus via USB to my laptop AND the DJM 900 SRT via USB to my laptop.

Is this correct?

This is completely different against the manual of Pioneer DJM 900 SRT when using Serato DJ:

where the page 9 "when using DJ players" shows that the 2 CDJ 2000 Nexus should be connected via audio cable to the DJM-900 SRT and the DJM-900 SRT via USB to the laptop. This is what I have - and it does not work as described above.

What is now correct and does not work?

I don't want to buy a USB hub. I would be happy if it would work as I have connected and described in the manual. Has someone tested this or am I alone?
deejdave 9:55 AM - 8 May, 2014
You are absolutely alone. The way Dave W has described id HID mode and is the very reason people go for the higher end CDJ's when considering Serato. What you are trying to achieve is DVS mode which is available to any person with any TT or cd player. It is also am inferior technology. You have CDJ-2000's & an SRT which cost almost $6,000 don't let a $25 USB hub be the thing that stops you from using the gear the way it was intended. May I ask why you selected the gear you did if you not only knew how to do this but didn't even know it was the way it was done? What appealed to you with these players and this mixer without HID? Was it something that had nothing to do with Serato?
pueblofunky 10:12 AM - 8 May, 2014
I do not own the DRM-900 SRT or the CDJ 2000 Nexus. The are installed in my resident club.

I own the SL1 which I still use with SSL.

The main reason to use it as described above (and in the DRM-900 SRT manual) is to avoid any additional hardware and cables in the future.

In DRM-900 SRT manual (link above) is described on page 9 that both CDJ 2000 Nexus should be connected to DRM-900 SRT, and the mixer itself via USB to the laptop.

I (want to) insert the Serato DJs and play with them as usual as with the SSL+SL1.

And this does not work as described in the manual on page 9.

If someone has connected the hardware as I have - please leave your comment what could be wrong. Maybe some screen shots of configurations in SDJ etc might help - but I am sure that is all correct. THANKS
deejdave 10:29 AM - 8 May, 2014
You are probably switching the channel selector to USB which when using DVS is not what you should be doing. Page 9 is incorrect in that manual. What you should be doing is following page 8. YES you are using the industry standard players & mixer but due to not wanting to spend the $25 you will be forced to use them as analog players. This brings you directly to page 8 which is entitled "analog players". You would simply select CDJ's instead of phone where applicable though as you are using line level not phono level. The proper HID setup is not even described in that manual and is the reason Serato released their setup guide. If you are unhappy with the way it is described or presented in the manual you should head to PioneerDJ forums and let them know. I never even looked at that manual as this is all second nature by now.

With HID you simply plug in your CDJ's via USB and plug them into wall. Select USB and you are DONE!

Also with teh mode you are trying to achieve NONE of the buttons aside from transport controls (play, cue, next, jog wheel) will function. With HID each & every button operates the software in some way.
pueblofunky 10:56 AM - 8 May, 2014
Your recommendation to do it as on page 8 of the manual but choose CDJ's is the same as described on page 9 ... what is the difference?

I have this setup as described and it does not work.

I will also ask in the PioneerDJ forum - but in this case Serato and Pioneer are working together - so they should have tested it and should tell me that it should work as described or tell that they have a bug anywhere. If the bug is in any firmware, driver or software, then they have to find it out what should be fixed - Serato or by Pioneer.

Serato should have tried their software with the hardware as described. Their name is in the Pioneer manual.

I have no problem to pay 25 USD or 25 EUR but as I said - I want the optimum and avoid any additional hardware and cable floating around in the club. ;-)
Serato, Support
David Wood 11:35 PM - 8 May, 2014
HID mode uses the USB MIDI information from the CDJ2000's when using HID mode,so you'll need to purchase a USB powered hub to use with HID mode as the MacPro's only have 2 USB ports. This is how it has always worked with HID mode, the Pioneer manual doesn't go into the HID mode setup from what i can see, simply the use of DVS control (Turntables & CD's).
What are you referring to when you say this, please explain further:

I have this setup as described and it does not work.

Ae you referring to HID setup or DVS Noisemap™ control?
10:09 PM, 10 Jun 2014
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