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Looking for specifications on the data format in Serato GEOB ID3 tags.

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dj80hd 9:00 PM - 9 April, 2014
I am working on some custom computer software where "battle records" can be generated as mp3 files for serato. I have examined the raw data in the GEOB ID3 tags which have the overview, cue, and loop information.

Is there a format specification for these GEOB tags? - particularly the ones containing cue and loop information ?

Thank you. The software will be open source and be free for all to use and modify. Any help would be appreciated.
Serato, Support
Micah G. 12:13 AM - 11 April, 2014
Hey dj80hd,

I need to talk to a couple colleagues regarding this. I'll get back to you when I have more info for you.

dj80hd 12:10 PM - 11 April, 2014
Thank you Micah.

It may help to mention I am also working on a VirtualDJ database converter: Something where former virtualDJ users can automatically have all their cue and loop information in Serato. That may be of more interest to folks working at Serato. Search my name (James Werwath) in google patents and you will know I am for real.

I absolutely love the scratch live product. Keep up the good work.
Serato, Support
Micah G. 1:36 AM - 14 April, 2014
Hey dj80hd,

Unfortunately I don't have any info I can pass on regarding our data format in GEOB ID3 tags.

dj80hd 11:46 AM - 14 April, 2014
Boo! Thank you so much though for getting back to me, though - and checking it out. Much appreciated.
Serato, Support
Micah G. 10:26 PM - 14 April, 2014
No problem, I'll close this thread for now, but feel free to reopen it if you have any other questions :-)