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remove 'serato dj trial version' message

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DDJ‑SB
steven wynen 6:36 PM - 8 April, 2014

I always used rane hardware or other controllers where I not need to buy a serato dj license to let the software work.

some time ago I was in a shop and tested a few other controllers. with my own laptop.

I briefly tested the pioneer DDJ-SB.
to use it with serato dj I started 'my 14 days trial'...

but now every time I open serato dj (on the offline player mode), It displays a message I need to buy serato dj. and must click on the 'online' button to get rid of the message.

I own rane hardwares + a serato dj controller
and I play in clubs where rane hardwares are standard built in.

so my question
how do I get to stop serato dj from showing me this message?!
I never will buy a controller where I need to buy a serato dj license for...
It was a one time occasion only...

to be sure
everything works fine... It's just frustrating to see this message every day, when I work with the offline player...

Scott S 11:43 PM - 10 April, 2014

If you open Serato DJ, then connect your compatible device, do you not get the "Do Not Show Again" option at the bottom of the ONLINE panel?

Are you able to upload a screenshot of your Serato DJ screen?

steven wynen 12:03 PM - 12 April, 2014
hi Scott

yes, that option is enabled
but since I connected that less professional controller + started the 14 day trail of SDJ, the message always pops up when I open SDJ in offline mode or when I disconnect my rane hardware/ pro SDJ controller

I uploaded 2 pictures.

12:06 PM, 12 Apr 2014 attached a file: foto 1.JPG
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12:06 PM, 12 Apr 2014 attached a file: foto 2.JPG
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steven wynen 12:11 PM - 12 April, 2014
the pictures are maybe a bit misleading

the 'trial' message is the one that always pups ups, only in offline mode or if the hardware is disconnected

and also
I don't bought a serato dj licence, it was a one time only test of a non pro controller, therefor I started the 14 day trail
I use always pro hardwares where no license is needed
Scott S 8:38 PM - 14 April, 2014
I have removed the registered trial activation from your account, can you please reinstall the Serato DJ application and see if this error goes away?

Open Serato DJ, open the ONLINE window and select "DO NOT SHOW AGAIN", then close down Serato DJ, does it stay closed when opening it back up?

steven wynen 3:19 PM - 16 April, 2014
ok Scott

deleted all versions of serato dj (1.6.0 + 1.6.1)
and installed again 1.6.1 + did what you asked
(left serato scratch live in place)
all my settings where still there, in serato dj after the deleting and reinstalling... so it's not a real clean install I think.

no positive results...

this issue is not worth my (and your?) time anymore...
I buy each year a new macbook, when the new one arrives later this year I need to reinstall everything so than it wil be fixed I hope.

I will come back on this than, and test it + let you guys know what the result was...
Specky 3:49 AM - 17 September, 2014
Hi There, I'm having the same issue. I used SSL & SDJ with my Rane SL-2, then I Purchased a Pioneer DDJ-SB, tried the 14 day trial version of SDJ 1.7. I returned the DDJ-SB and exchanged it for a DDJ-SR, and now I get the trial expired message in offline mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
3:53 AM, 17 Sep 2014
Specky attached a file: Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.52.19 PM.png
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Pacjam 7:19 PM - 29 April, 2015
Hi I have a trial version of serato dj on my mac but have recently purchased it. I have 5days left of the trial. How do i deactivate the trial version and activate serato dj.

The trial and new purchase have separate email addresses.

FOTSBEATS2 9:45 PM - 11 May, 2015
@ Scott can you also remove the trial version off of my account? I only really use Rane boxes but I activated a trial to try out Club kit and now that its expired I always get the prompt
Scott S 10:24 PM - 11 May, 2015
@FOTSBEATS2 I have deactivated the trail version from your account as per your request.

I will also close this thread for now, if you are having further issues please start a Help Request here >

Thank you