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Right play button locking up

Serato DJ Intro
Pioneer DJ DDJ‑SB
Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion
Ryan P 6:16 PM - 2 April, 2014

I have have the DDJSB now for about a week. The play button on the right deck will sometimes freeze, not allowing me to play any track on the right deck. I can still load tracks to the deck and play tracks holding the cue button, but it will not just play by hitting the play button.

I have have to shut down Serato DJ and restart to fix the issue.
Zen-Ef 1:41 PM - 3 April, 2014
same problem here buddy, does your vinyl mode stop scratching too?
Ryan P 5:40 PM - 3 April, 2014
yes sir. It is incredibly annoying and the music stops when i have to disconnect, so it makes me very uncomfortable to play any parties or anything
Zen-Ef 6:51 PM - 3 April, 2014
tell me about it man its not at all impressive as i thought serato was meant to be superior, have you tried it on another computer at all? I tried it on a windows laptop and it works fine but when If it doesn't work properly its a ddj-sb hardware issue and need to get another one. I need to get this problem resolved but waiting for a response from serato to see if it in fact software issues.
Rui K 9:52 PM - 7 April, 2014
Hi Ryan P,

Thanks for get in touch with us. Please make sure you have latest firmware installed to your DDJ-SB. You can download and install latest firmware from Pioneer website.

I hope this clears things up.

Kind Regards
DEADmusik 5:53 AM - 8 April, 2014
I have a toshiba windows seven with the latest updated firmware and my left jog wheel will freeze and i can only cue songs still load but have to close the program and restart..this has to be a problem with your guys communication from serato to the sb...
How much money do you have to pay for things to work as is..I feel 250 dollars this should work flawlessly..
Not bashing but guys any help more than download the newest firmware Ihave 1.6.1 and latest firmware and it just suddenly does this when it wants
Zen-Ef 9:36 AM - 8 April, 2014

dude its a hardware issue as everyone who has experienced this problem has either had their ddj-sb repaired or replaced so id go down that route (speaking from experience here as mine has just been sent off to be repaired/replaced)

DEADmusik 6:05 PM - 9 April, 2014
so i have to go back to guitar center and have them replace it thank you
Zen-Ef 7:24 PM - 9 April, 2014
yeah man basically, nothing these serato dudes suggest actually works so its hardware bro!
Ryan P 9:34 PM - 9 April, 2014
Thanks for the help guys. i will have to have it replaced. Zen-Ef - how did you get to the point where they would repair it vs. replacing?
Zen-Ef 11:09 PM - 9 April, 2014
i called up pioneer customer care and they put me in contact with cosmic electronics which handles all the repairs because i bought it from chemical records and the day after i bought it they went into administration so i couldnt get it replaced through them.

how old is yours? if its under 12 months then its covered by the manufacturer warranty but you should just be able to take it into the shop you bought it from if possible man.
DJ Gabriel Diggs 12:58 AM - 13 December, 2014
I just picked up a Vestax VCI-300 and it has the same problem with the right deck play button becoming disabled shortly after opening Serato DJ and Serato Itch. I also noticed when I was at Guitar Center playing with a few different controllers the same problem was evident. The right deck on the display models would not respond to the play button with Serato DJ. In particular I remember this happening with the Pioneer DDJ-SB that was on display. There's definitely a problem here.
saichthedj 4:46 PM - 8 August, 2015
Is thererealy an driver or firmware update so disapointed..mine just freezes while in session you have to disconnect and connect the controller again while people are all looking at you from the dance floor
Dj MallyMal 10:26 PM - 13 August, 2015
I am having the same problem with the left deck play/pause button not starting the track. I have latest serato dj intro and latest hardware firmware 1.06. Is there a fix for this problem and does serato know abut the problem.
Dj MallyMal 5:30 PM - 15 August, 2015
I fixed the problem on my computer ...i have an AMD A10 and what i did was reinstall my entire computer ..of course make sure you back up all ya music and you will have to reinstall all programs. But after reinstalling windows 10 or 8 or whatever windows you have make sure that if you have an AMD processor thay you install latest AMD USB filter driver mine from lenovoo site and then reinstall serato dj/intro and the problem should be fix....bro it took me a week to figure the problem out ...i think window might have uninstall a driver or screw something up when they sent out update...but i think the problem lies with drivers ...AMD USB filter is. Must!!! Believe me I thought it was my controller but it worked fine on my friends mac and any intel processor ...also make sure there are no currupt music files with MP3VAL google and use that program to fix bad mp3s
BOZMAN 2:19 PM - 31 August, 2015
still trying to figure this sb out could anyone please help ive seen on a youtube post ddj sb hip hop mix (billboard chats)where the guy reapeats the beat with auto loop highlighted while the tune is still playing without delaying the beat does any one what hes done to activate it