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Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
Dj Strap 5:19 PM - 7 February, 2009
Hello, I recently installed the scratch live 1.83 version and I noticed now when I create a new crate, I shut down the laptop and open the scratch live the new crate disappears. It happened twice also when I close out I get the message that my library is a week old what is this?
victor_M 5:29 PM - 7 February, 2009
the week old thing is an option that allows you to backup your SSL database and crates.
Serato, Moderator
Michael R 11:58 PM - 8 February, 2009
Hi Dj Strap,

Do you have any files in your crates when you close down Scratch Live? Scratch Live won't save your crates if there's no files in them.