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Cue Point Color Coding

deejdave 6:14 PM - 22 March, 2014
The new DDJ-SZ brings on a feature that is more important than people know. I had enough insight to have a color code system for my cue point colors. eg Blue=Intro, green=buildup, red=main beat, yellow=break, etc. I am guessing 99.99% of the users here did not think to do this. This will lead to people either scurrying to try and change the colors to mean something now OR just have the colors mean absolutely nothing.

WHAT IF: Serato came up with a user selectable "key word" system that could trigger certain colors. For instance if you have break or Brk in your cue point it would trigger blue. If you had intro or int it would trigger red..................... etc. OR when you select a certain color it could automatically label the cue point a certain thing. eg blue = intro, red = main beat, pink = outro etc.

Just some thoughts. I have had plenty of experience with cue points & labeling them so I have had plenty of time to think of what would/could help. The chronological cue points is only the beginning and MUST be user selectable as well as customizable as well as having it chronological ALWAYS would actually hurt many DJ's.
DJ doc01 5:57 AM - 5 November, 2017
Hey guys, I’m starting to think serato should have a selectable colour cue point of users choice to drop in as some files are extended, if there is a way around this could you share?