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Sort by "Date Created" file in Serato DJ

DjZezarFlow 7:57 AM - 9 March, 2014
Will be a great feature to sort inside our crates by Date Created, that way our most current track will always be at the top. Not by the date I added to the crate.
For example, if I add a two years old track today; I don't want to see it at the top of my Crate list... Ect.....
And there is a lot more reasons why will benefit everybody

DJ Zezar-Flow
djsako 9:23 AM - 9 March, 2014
pueblofunky 6:06 AM - 11 March, 2014
An old "creation date" does not mean the track is from this date - except you change the creation timestamp with a tool.

E.g. when you back up a file and depending on settings the creation timestamp is the timestamp from the backup. Or e.g. you open the file, remove the silence at the beginning or end and save it under another file name ...

I would recommend that Serato supports the "release date/year" column - sadly not supported by Serato (btw: no library funcation update since SSL 2.0, April 2010 !!!) - and you fill this column/tag (automatically with a tool) - so it never changes.

Of course, in the meantime you can use any other free text column too. Maybe you write the year or date into the field "Composer", which is supported by Serato - and you can run a smart crate function on it - or sort by the column.
pueblofunky 11:58 AM - 11 March, 2014

to display the "creation file" (file timestamp) might cause performance problems, because when you browse around all files have to be re-checked for the timestamp, because it is possible that they have changed in the meantime ...

There would be 2 options:

1. As above - using the existing column release date - has to be added by Serato

2. Added the column "file creation time stamp" as column in the database, but to see the changes a "rescan id3 tag" has to be started manually (where this could be done), or checks will be done when the file has a focus (cursor on file) - but there should be an option to enable/disable this focus driven action to avoid possible performance problems.
DjZezarFlow 2:34 PM - 11 March, 2014
pueblofunky you have a very valid point. And release date sound like great idea but I don't think Serato will implement that.

Can you explain to me in detail Option 2?

Thank you!
pueblofunky 8:11 PM - 11 March, 2014
2. in detail ?

Serato should support a column "File Creation Timestamp" in the library view (incl. storing this value in the database V2 file).

With the "Rescan ID3 tag" function in the FILE menu - where you can re-read all tags from file itself into the library/database, also the column "File Creation Timestamp" should be updated from the file system. This would be great and enough for the first time.

Serato could this also do with the "File Modification Timestamp". There is really no difference if implementing one or two columns from the same type at the same development time.

The enhanced part would be if Serato would update the file creation and file modification timestamp automatically - but maybe it is not a good point at the moment - because also the tags won't be re-read from the files automatically on a regular basis. I think it is better only to do it manually with the re-scan function.

btw. the function / button "Rescan ID3 tags" should be renamed to "Rescan columns" ...
DjZezarFlow 3:24 AM - 12 March, 2014
Got it! Well said !!!
Diiijay 9:24 PM - 16 August, 2016
It's been two years and has not been implemented ? I can not see the latest music because all are with the date they were entered into the Serato library.
DjZezarFlow 9:58 AM - 17 August, 2016
It's been two years and has not been implemented ? I can not see the latest music because all are with the date they were entered into the Serato library.

DJ Zewolfy 7:44 PM - 21 August, 2016
Diiijay 1:00 PM - 16 January, 2019
This software sucks!
Sascha Vikari 12:11 PM - 26 January, 2019
This post was created nearly 5 years ago and i think this feature would be an awesome addition for users that created a whole new library within Serato.
Diiijay 1:02 PM - 26 January, 2019
In my opinion the internal library of Sertato with its "Crates " is the cause of everything. The worst idea of the Serato. In addition to being required to manage two libraries (the folders with the music files and the Crates) at the same time. It's stressful.
The right thing would be to manage, only, the music files and the Serato Viewer allow us several search filters.