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Booth monitor sounds off.

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX
chris808 6:58 AM - 9 March, 2014
hey guys i need help with some issues with my ddj sx.
when i play a song, the sound gets really grudgy and cracky for some reason. i have my sound output on Booth and it just sounds horrible. sometimes the sound is okay but then it does back to its crappy sound. i fixed my buffer size, i bought new wires and my Pa speakers are brand new. can anyone help me? or is there something wrong with my ddj sx
Matt P 7:21 PM - 9 March, 2014
Hi chris808,

It would be good to eliminate the speakers from the problem. It sounds like you have done that.
You may want to try a firmware update.

Are you getting the same problem out the master output?

Matt P
chris808 12:02 AM - 10 March, 2014
hey matt p thanks for reading.
and yes im having the same problem with the master output.
what do i do?
Killer Audio 3:52 PM - 5 July, 2015
I am having the same problem. The sound coming out of the booth monitor sounds cracky and just awful. Why?
nchiodo 2:54 AM - 8 July, 2015
Having a problem. Just purchased a DDJSR and JBL Eon 615 powered speakers. I keep losing signal going into the speakers and it fades and cracks. I'm wondering if it's the sound card, my laptop (HP Envy Beats), or the controller. All the latest firmware and drivers have been updated on the controller.