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Pitch-N-Time doesn't work on DDJ-SX serato 1.6

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX
P.M.G. 7:36 AM - 18 February, 2014
decided to give the pitch-n-time FX extension a go, bought it. doesn't seem to work. anyone else got this problem?
JohnnyPanic 11:55 PM - 18 February, 2014
Can't get Pitch N' Time to even come up on my serato DJ expansions page.
jm2diz 3:58 AM - 19 February, 2014
I just got pitch n time for my ddj sb. It does work, but you need hardware that can modify the bpm settings beyond the factory settings. I'm not sure if the sx will allow you to increase/decrease the bpm, but if it does, it should work. I also have the sl2 but haven't used the updated serato dj. I'm hoping that it'll function they way it's suppose to cuz my turntables can achieve extreme values with the bpm.
P.M.G. 5:40 AM - 19 February, 2014
jm2diz, can you be more specific on what hardware that can modify the BPM setting. pitch-n-time is new to me. thanks
P.M.G. 5:43 AM - 19 February, 2014
as of this moment, i can turn on pitch-n-time on my ddj-sx, however,... to get it to do what it supposed to do, is a no-go. it just pitch, like normally.
jm2diz 6:59 PM - 19 February, 2014
Hey PMG,

The hardware I'm speaking of is the controller itself. If the ddj-sx cannot modify the bpm, other than the factory settings, then you cannot really hear the difference. Pitch n time is suppose to have the music stay in relatively the same pitch even though the bpm is at it's extreme. But maybe if u had an ssl interface i.e. the sl2 w/ the updated serato dj 1.6 & turntables that go -or+ 30% w/ the pitch control, then definitely u can hear the difference. I, too, wasted my money on pitch n time w/ the ddj-sb but luckily I still have my ssl that I can use w/ my control vinyl.
Serato, Support
Matt P 10:52 PM - 19 February, 2014
Hi P.M.G.,

You can adjust the range on your DDJ-SX by +/- 50% by clicking on the SHIFT button and then pressing the KEYLOCK/TEMPO RANGE button on the controller.

Alternatively you can achieve lower or higher pitch ranges by disabling the pitch fader by pressing the SHIFT button when moving the pitch fader. This allows you to continue to move the pitch lower than the 50% range


Matt P
P.M.G. 5:55 AM - 20 February, 2014
Thanks Matt P, you solved my problem on the DOT.

Respect homie.

Serato, Support
Matt P 11:21 PM - 25 February, 2014
Hi P.M.G.

Cheers! I'll close this back up, feel free to open it back up though.

Matt P