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I cannot open Serato. It crashes when I try to run it.

Serato DJ Pro
Novation TWITCH
Daimos 9:46 PM - 9 February, 2014
When try to open Serato it crashes straight away. I had no problems like this with previous versions of Serato.
Serato, Support
Mak T 1:18 AM - 17 February, 2014
Hey Daimos,

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

- Have you just recently updated to the Mavericks OSX?

- Did you have this issue in a previous version of Serato DJ?

There could be a chance that you may need to update the Novation Drivers on you computer.


Mak T
8:01 AM, 3 Mar 2014
This help request has been closed due to inactivity.
Daimos 11:08 PM - 3 March, 2014
Hi Mark

Sorry I have not been around to reply. I still have the issue. It is actually not related to my novation hardware. I have disconnected my twitch and run Serato and it crashed as well. I had no issues with previous versions of Serato. I can still run Itch with no issues. I have updated my OS when it came out. So it was a while ago.
I have already tried to delete and install application few times. There is also enough space on my hard drive.
If you need more info please let me know.

thanks for helping
Dutch Bastard 9:56 PM - 24 March, 2014
Serato DJ is a piece of shit that will not run on 32 bit Windows. I've ran it on two different laptops and it crashes on both.
Daimos 12:32 PM - 26 July, 2015
I have downloaded the latest version as it is still crashing.
Dutch Bastard 1:06 PM - 26 July, 2015
Of course. It's crap. It is crap and it will stay crap.