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What is the diference between SL1 and SL2??

Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
djgaryc 2:05 PM - 18 January, 2009
Hi guys

I'm off to buy my Scratch Live today, but when I was searching for prices so my local DJ Store would price match I came across Scrach Live 1 and Scratch Live 2.

I've tried searching the net, but have failed in getting an answer! So what exactly is the difference between the 2??

I thought maybe SL2 isn't released in England or something silly like that?

Thanks in advance
harlej 3:16 PM - 18 January, 2009
There is a confusion going on on some websites, but the answer is plain simple - there is only one box for use with Scratch Live - the SL1. You may have found the websites-stores that sell Scratch Live with 2nd edition control vinyl I suppose. That's the deal.
If I am wrong and there ARE secret works going on to develop an SL2, then sorry to ya'll :)
Monty0124 4:46 PM - 18 January, 2009
That would be my guess as well, you're seeing the 2nd edition control vinyl and thinking there's a second edition of SSL or SL-2. There isn't, just an updated, more refined, version of the control vinyl. So go buy SSL already! :)
djgaryc 6:00 PM - 18 January, 2009
Thanks for that... I've spoken to another SSL user who said it simply upgrade to the CD's codes so you wont find differences in the while using it.

Anyway, my copy is ordered and I pick it up tomorrow. :)
dj_chino 6:35 PM - 18 January, 2009
my box dont say SL-1, is the first box that just say scratch live on it
this should be the same box right? no changes?
Aroha 10:56 PM - 18 January, 2009
That's correct - there is no SL-2 Scratch LIVE box, just the SL-1, which is what you're using dj_chino. Thanks