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Interview with Mike Relm at NAMM 2009

9:17 PM, 17 Jan 2009
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djmrgrant 2:29 AM - 19 January, 2009
This guy has been doin' it hardcore! I saw him open for DJ Krush a few years back in SF. I was blown away by his set AND DJ Krush played!!! Great night. Big ups to Mike Relm.
DJ Sniffles 3:26 AM - 26 January, 2009
I remember back in the 90's when he was big in the battle circuit...looking like a hip hop role model with his baggy clothes. Now look at him.

(Still think he should of won the 99' ITF against A-Trak)
dj insane duane 6:58 AM - 30 January, 2009
this dj is unbelievable. he really put the world of deejaying on another level. very impressive work.