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Start delay when platter motors are active

Serato DJ Pro
Numark NS7 II
Sand 6:05 PM - 29 December, 2013
Hello there,

With the deck motors active on my NS7 2, when the play button is touched the track starts with approximately a delay of half a beat which throws the beat match out (Sync lock is selected on). This does not happen when the deck motors are switched off in CDJ mode or on any other controller I own.

I know this has been mentioned before in other Forums regarding the NS7 2 but I would just like to know if a fix will be forthcoming in the future.

Also any chance of a scratch mode being included when the decks are in CDJ mode, like the NS6. I know this is a strange request being that the NS7 2 with the motors on is the nearest thing to Technics 1210's for scratching but it would be nice to have this option included.

On a final note the quantize mode on the 1.6 beta is a great new feature which makes triggering cue points so much tighter, keep up the good work.

Numark, Support
NumarkChris 2:24 PM - 2 January, 2014

Check your START and STOP TIME knobs. Ensure that both are turned all the way to the left. If they are not, that could be causing your delay.

Thank you for the requests.
Sand 9:52 AM - 3 January, 2014
Already done tried that, and if the stop time knob has to turned all the way to the left surely that is an issue in itself?
Panotaker 4:45 PM - 3 January, 2014
I don't even know why they gave you that advice. This is a known bug with Sersto DJ and they need to fix it. It has been brought up a bunch of times that there is a start delay, and no amount of turning your start and stop time knobs is going to fix the problem. Serato needs to fix the problem. It doesn't happen in Itch, it only happens with Serato DJ.