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cant detect my mixtrack in Serato DJ, but can in Intro

Serato DJ Pro
Numark Mixtrack Pro II
Windows 7 (64 bit)
- 7:30 PM - 25 December, 2013
when i open into, my mixtrack pro 2 works, when i open serato DJ, it doesnt. has an error in the top left saying no device connected
B_Leo250 8:10 PM - 25 December, 2013
I'm having the exact same issue with the same hardware. I was looking forward to using my new Mixtrack in Serato DJ, but it only works in Intro. I've never had to use Intro before so this is definitely not going as expected.
Dj MacMillz 9:29 PM - 25 December, 2013
Question: Did any of you purchase to SDJ upgrade license?
B_Leo250 4:09 AM - 26 December, 2013
No I didn't. I got SDJ through my NS7, I had ITCH and it let me get SDJ and use it for free.
Micah G. 10:39 PM - 26 December, 2013
Hey jeffywillis,

I've just checked your account and you don't have a Serato DJ licence. You need a stand alone licence to use that controller with Serato DJ. You can get that here -

B_Leo, you will also need to purchase a Serato DJ licence to use with your MixTrack Pro II as the licence you have with your NS7 is bundled exclusively to that licence and will only work with that controller.

Thanks for helping out MacMillz!

Let me know if you have any other questions :-)

B_Leo250 11:11 PM - 26 December, 2013
Thanks, I activated the 14 day trial and it's working fine now. I just need the license.
Micah G. 11:30 PM - 26 December, 2013
No problem B_Leo :)

Micah 8:06 AM - 27 December, 2013
I have the 14 day trial of serato DJ... i didnt BUY it yet because i wanted to try it with the trial, obviously dont wanna spend that money if its not going to work. 8:51 AM - 27 December, 2013
Well Since i guess i can buy it for half off ill spring for that and try buying it first. fingers crossed hope thats all it was. 9:57 AM - 27 December, 2013
Yeah, even when Im on a purchased copy and not the trial. it still isnt working.
Micah G. 2:45 AM - 7 January, 2014
Hey jeffywillis,

Can you try following the steps here -

If you're still having problems try connecting with another USB cable in another USB port. Make sure WIFI & Bluetooth are off and any background applications are closed when using Serato DJ.

Let me know how that goes :-)

8:06 AM, 21 Jan 2014
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