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Brangha tunes?

dj_soo 6:46 AM - 4 December, 2013
Hey guys, I have a gig coming up and they want me to play all brangha - can you give me a playlist?


Actually, did a party the other night and the demographic turned out to be very East Indian.

It's there I realized the only brangha tune I had was beware the boys. We have a pretty large East Indian population in my city and I'm surprised this hasn't come up as much before.

Any artist suggestions? Would love to grab a few of these tunes and play around with em and learn em just so I can do a bit of a "brown music" set if I have to.

Actually dig the beats quite a bit too...

Probably grab a couple "best ofs" from itunes, but if someone knows of some good artists that aren't panjabi MC, I'd love to check em out.
djbanno 9:56 AM - 4 December, 2013
Not sure why but i have this record...
Bhangra Knights Vs Husan - Bhangra Knights
phatbob 5:55 PM - 4 December, 2013
I like to keep a few Desi beats on hand, so I get a lot of clues from the BBC Asian Network chart. They cover the traditional Bollywood-soundtrack kinda vibes, and the more contemporary sounding hip-hop/R&B influenced stuff.

Obviously it's a UK station but it's very international music we're talking about so if guess it would come in useful for anywhere.
O.B.1 7:47 PM - 4 December, 2013
I have some old AV8 vinyl with "Bhangra Breaks" and a few of them are dope. This one is my favorite:
DJ Remy USA 4:12 AM - 5 December, 2013
itunes has a great essentials of indian dance music including Bhangra. I have a few tunes that work. Its called Bollywood music check it out.

Aloo Chaat Aloo Chaat - Smooth, RDB, and Nindy Kaur
Gazab - Pritam & Gourav Dasgupta
Snake Charmer - Punjabi MC
DJ Remy USA 4:13 AM - 5 December, 2013
DJ Remy USA 4:14 AM - 5 December, 2013

another joint
Dj Manny B 11:06 PM - 10 December, 2013
Hey Dj Soo
heres some standard bhangra tunes to get you started
Dj Sanj - Das Ja (85bpm)
Beware of the boys - PMC (98bpm)
Chite Suit Te - Geeta Zaildar (85)bpm
Kharku - Diljit Dosanjh (82bpm)
Tohar - Garry Sandhu (87bpm)
Gabru - Honey Sing Ft JStar (88bpm)
Amplifier - Imran Khan (82bpm)
Captain Bhangra da - Fojee (94bpm)
DJPhUl 9:59 AM - 16 June, 2014
to get the latest indian stuff, try