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Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 Flight Case for a laptop

djMcClaren 4:27 AM - 28 November, 2013
Hi! I'm a beginner dj and for the past several months cannot find a flight case that fit my Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 Controller. First, I saw hundreds of flight cases for the Numark Mixtrack Pro. The difference is the Mixtrack Pro 2 have the mike and headphone jacks on the right side, on the other hand, the Mixtrack Pro have the same jacks on the front.
I noticed that all of the cases that I saw doesn't have any space on the right side for the mike and headphone. Second, can some please give me some info on what kind of stand that I need for the flight case and computer.

Dj McClaren
phatbob 4:12 AM - 29 November, 2013
Honest advice: Don't bother.

The MTP2 is a decent controller for a beginner to learn on, but it is 100% NOT something that will stay with you throughout your life if you stick with DJing.

The sound quality is pretty poor, the build quality is very cheap, and it's feature set is pretty limited.

So investing any serious money in a case designed for it, is a total waste of money.

The chance of your 'next' hardware fitting in the same case is very slim, so you'll have invested in an expensive case which will have zero purpose very soon.

My advice? Buy a decent DJ bag to transport it. Get one a bit bigger than you need so your next controller will fit. And buy a good standalone laptop stand to go with it. Both of those items will be useful to you years after you've outgrown the MTP, or it has bitten the dust.
djMcClaren 5:29 AM - 29 November, 2013
I had bought the Mixtrack Pro 2 as a starter controller. I have a Toshiba laptop already. I would like to know what controller would you suggest in the near future that use Serato Dj. I'm just starting out as a dj. I would like to know of a stand for a Mixtrack Pro 2 Controller and a Toshiba laptop. Thanks for your honest opinion.

phatbob 5:43 AM - 29 November, 2013
I'm not saying you should abandon the MTP right away; stick with it, as I say, it's a good controller for beginners.

Just don't invest a ton of cash into accessories designed solely for it, because in a year or two you will be wanting something more advanced.
djMcClaren 5:02 PM - 29 November, 2013
What kind of controller do you have?. Did you started out with the Mixtrack controllers? I was on line checking out some future dj controllers. I was surprise that a lot of them are over $600. The Numark NS6 and NS7 and the Pioneers seem to the top of the line controllers. I fully agreed with upgrading in the near future. Thanks.

dj_soo 3:45 AM - 1 December, 2013
Most people here are pros and use turntables or Cdjs.

And yea, like everyone said, entry level controllers are essentially built-to-break.they are designed, sourced, and manufactured to be the cheapest they possibly can to attract the newbies and I wouldn't count on them lasting long at all.

The simple fact is that no dj controller is time tested much. The oldest is maybe 3-4 years old and most of even the "high end" controllers of that age are reporting problems. Maybe people's ddj sx's will still be pristine in 5 years but I doubt it.

My $800 controller has some problems after only a year and the cheaper controllers will not be up to snuff if you ever move it start gigging.

So far, there hasn't been a proper professional grade controller on the market yet. The sx and ns7ii are the closest, but time will tell if they have any longevity.

The biggest problem is that if a proper professional controller ever hits the market, I would expect it to be $3000+
the_black_one 9:22 AM - 1 December, 2013
people take like we are assholes when we speak of them like "TOYS" ... now i hope this makes you understand why.

djMcClaren 3:41 AM - 18 January, 2014
I appreciate your honest opinion. The Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 is like a toy. I know I'll need to upgrade in the near future, but, I need something to practice beat matching. I would like to know what would be a better upgrade controller.

Rees Morgan 11:24 PM - 10 March, 2014
right here
djMcClaren 2:54 PM - 19 March, 2014