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Big Syphe's Jump! Jump! A Little Higher Mixtape

DJ Schematic 12:11 AM - 24 December, 2008
Big Syphe from Los Angeles' Power 106 (KPWR) just released this today. Just enter your email @ the bottom of the homepage for the link.

Electro, Mash-up and Hip Hop.

Merry Xmas!!
Audio1 12:37 AM - 24 December, 2008
Copped it yesterday via email. Was real dope. Hip-House/Electro is back!
freshtodeath 3:16 PM - 24 December, 2008
in for the DL
dj buterd hams 7:05 AM - 26 December, 2008
Ill check it later . Thanks
ntmoney 9:26 AM - 5 January, 2009
thanks for the link.
DJ Schematic 1:11 PM - 6 January, 2009
^^no prob
DJ Pryme 5:51 PM - 6 January, 2009
Dope CD.
dj_KaSE 8:25 PM - 6 January, 2009
They (Syphe and D-Lux) play too much crap when they're on the station, i.e. I miss Mr. Choc's traffic jams. Haven't heard this mix, might listen later.
Boba Tha Hut 9:33 PM - 6 January, 2009

It's hard to listen to Syphe and DLux since they play too much crap AND every transition is plastered with Power 106 drops. ANNOYING!

Mr Choc use to bring the heat on Power 106 with his old school mixes like 5 years ago.

I actually heard some cat spinning on KGGI (IE station) last Monday night who put together a very nice listenable set.

102.3 FM has some old school cat who plays all old school/freestyle/funkymixes/80s/90s stuff all Saturday night.

Sorry for thread jacking
Audio1 11:37 PM - 6 January, 2009
HEAVY TUNES ON THIS ONE! I'll see if theres a playlist.
freshtodeath 9:38 PM - 7 January, 2009
Dope mix, although I don't know many of the tracks (Audio1 get that list going!)- whats up with Gusto and now Syphe doing all electro CDs. Is this Westcoast hype?
Audio1 10:28 PM - 7 January, 2009
They both been doing electro for a while.... Gusto played at our BDAY party back in 2007 in San Fran. Did hiphop and electro there as well.
Audio1 10:28 PM - 7 January, 2009
I hollered at Syphe for a playlist, no reply yet. Ill get one going.
Steve Dub. 11:39 PM - 7 January, 2009
C'mon you guys know the radio politics, you can't blame them. You gonna blame the program director. Choc was/is the shit though, can't deny that!
ntmoney 6:03 AM - 8 January, 2009
That "Sally that girl" remix is tight. It's kind of trippy at first but it grew on me. Do any of you know who did it?
djlisted 6:22 AM - 10 January, 2009
great tracks on this mixtape
these are some of the tracks that i've notice that are on the mixtape.
Deadmau5 & MC Flipside-Hi Friend (Original Mix)
DJ Rockid-Girls (Original Mix)
N.A.S.A.-N.A.S.A. Music (feat. Method Man, E40, DJ Swamp) (LA Riots Remix)
Justice-Phantom Pt2 (Soulwax Remix)
Kid Cudi-Day 'N' Nite (Crookers Remix)
DJ Bam Bam-The New Hip House
LMFAO-Im In Miami Bitch
The Ting Tings-Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)
Eric Prydz-Pjanoo (Original Mix)
The Bloody Beetroots-Dimmakmmunication
dj buterd hams 9:40 PM - 12 January, 2009
Anyone got . Full track list especially elctro stuff . Please
DJ Michael Basic 10:40 PM - 12 January, 2009
1. Deadmau5 - Hi Friend
2. Wolfgang Gartner - Front To Back
3. DJ Rockid - Girls (Original Mix)
4. Not Sure
5. Eric Prydz - Call On Me (Angello and Ingrosso Remix)
6. Mylo - Drop The Pressure
7. Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff
8. N.A.S.A. - Music (LA Riots Remix)
9. Justice - Phantom Pt. 2 (Soulwax Remix)
10. Kid Kudi - Day N Nite (Crookers Remix)
11. DJ Bam Bam & Mixin Marc feat. Alex Peace - The New Hip House
12. Michael Jackson - Bad (Mowgli Remix)
13. Yo Majesty - Club Action
14. DJ Class - I'm The Shit
15. Enur - Calabria
16. Robbie Rivera - Move Move
17. Robbie Rivera - Shake It
18. Not Sure what the spanish track is
19. Mashup of Dangerous over Nicola Fasano & Pat Rich - 75, Brasil St.
20. Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dance Floor (Laidback Luke Remix)
21. Not Sure what the spanish track is
22. LMFAO - I'm In Miami Bitch
23. MGMT - Kids
24. Eric Prydz - Pjanoo
25. The Ting Tings - Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)
26. JakZ - Got The Power
27. Mstrkrft - Bounce
28. Not Sure
29. LMFAO - I Am Not A Whore
30. Not Sure
31. Wolfgang Gartner - Clap
32. Not Sure about the reggae track
33. Not Sure Vocals (Shake that thang make sure you don't break that thang)
34. Not Sure what the party and bullshit remix is
35. Not Sure what the shake your body remix is
36. Not Sure what the let the music play remix is
37. Kanye West - Heartless (DJ Kue Remix)
38. Kaskade & Deadmau5 - Move For Me
Audio1 10:49 PM - 12 January, 2009
^^ Thanks. Some sick ones...
jbird 12:03 AM - 13 January, 2009
Thank you MB for the list
jwild 1:29 AM - 14 January, 2009
Very few REAL electro jams........Everything else sounds like its trying to hard to sound electro but really sounds like old 1990's Underground Construction booty house that was sold on a bootleg cd at the swap meet. Don't get me wrong the mixing is on point, but some of the tracks are junk.....I was bored mid-mix, no real peak. Heavy tunes, I think not. Played out tunes, yes. I guess this set would do well in a club full of kids that just last week were into hip hop but now have decided to go with the flow, buy a pair of vans/chucks, grew out their hair, and squeezed into their sister's jeans which they still manage to sag.
DJ G-NUTZ 1:47 AM - 14 January, 2009
DJ Schematic 1:51 AM - 14 January, 2009
thanks MB.
Audio1 6:13 AM - 14 January, 2009
DJ G-NUTZ 6:21 AM - 14 January, 2009
Trying to hard to sound electro? I thought electro came from house music??
Audio1 6:58 AM - 14 January, 2009
well, nowadays is new school electro sound. real electro would be the type from the 80's... names like Kraftwerk, Cybotron, Arabian Prince, Afrika Bambaataa...
DJ G-NUTZ 7:14 AM - 14 January, 2009
But wouldn't all those genres (House,deep house,electro,trance,80's depeche mode type)all fall under the term electro.For what was use to produce the tracks?
jwild 11:51 PM - 14 January, 2009
Correction, what I should have typed is "electro" (notice the quotes). I was in no way trying compare this to the 70's and 80's electro influenced genres. Nowadays that "genre", if you could call it that, has been given so many bogus names it is hard to keep track of ie bloghouse, electroclash, post-punk disco rock, french house, and many more. So I have explained my use of the term "electro", but my opinion still stands. Hopefully I have clarified my view and won't get "schooled" by individuals trying to drop knowledge from Wikipedia.
DJ G-NUTZ 2:40 AM - 15 January, 2009
lmao if your (obvious) refering to me I could really give a rats ass! I was just asking questions. I love house music, I just don't know to much about this new electro or whatever you want to call it. So that is why I was asking, to me it just sounds like a new form of house music anyway (my opinion). But to each their own right?? And no I didn't use wikipedia or else I would know more about it.
Audio1 4:54 AM - 15 January, 2009
Ya, No reason to get huffy about it. I call it "hipsterelectrotechnoflavaoftheweek" genre... LOL
DJ G-NUTZ 5:56 AM - 15 January, 2009
jwild 7:41 AM - 15 January, 2009
Not referring to ya Nutz or getting huffy, just making clarifications. Peace!
DJ_Motion 11:51 PM - 15 January, 2009
Nice tunes
DJ ADRIAN V 10:29 AM - 23 February, 2009
freshtodeath 3:39 AM - 26 February, 2009
Anyone know what Calabria edit that is?
Audio1 2:22 AM - 27 February, 2009
DJ ADRIAN V 7:01 AM - 3 March, 2009
can anyone Id the track on 36-37mins.. thx