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Invalid serial number

Serato DJ Pro
Reloop Terminal Mix 4
Davega 3:16 PM - 6 November, 2013

Two month ago I bought a TM4-Controller on eBay. After the arrival of my Controller I tried to activate the Serato DJ with the original license I got.
I contacted the seller and told him my problem and he insured the he deactivated all of his registratons with Serato.
Could it be, that he forgot to deactivate his old account??

Thank you

Scott S 2:37 AM - 7 November, 2013
Hi Eddy,

Yes it sounds like it is still registered to his account, as the Serato DJ serial number that you have is not used to "enter" into the software. The software unlocks by the licenses loaded onto your account when you sign in using the MY SERATO panel.

Can you please tell him that if he wishes to sell a controller (which unfortunately he has already done) with the intention of including Serato DJ, he needs to email us so we can transfer the license from his account to your account, otherwise we have no proof that he surrenders his license.

Can you please get the seller to email with his email address, your email address/account and the Serato DJ serial number in question. Someone from the support team will have a read of his email to confirm the transfer, then we can swap it over.

8:02 AM, 21 Nov 2013
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