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BPM not showing in library?

startupdj 7:46 PM - 18 October, 2013
I have an external HDD which already has the BPM info which was analysed on my desktop pc using BPM Counter utilityand when I pull up those tracks into Serato's library, I am not seeing the bpm info of any track?
aspiring DJ Cliff 4:41 PM - 27 October, 2013
same problem here.. the only difference is that my songs are from itunes and when i use them on serato i have to analyze them one by one. it sucks.. i hope someone can tell us how to analyze BPM all at once
startupdj 3:41 PM - 28 October, 2013
I don't think we have the same issues, becuase Serato will auto calculate all files on it's own without you having to load one file at a time, see here for detailed instructions:

I was simply looking into if Serato would recognize the BPM's for my library which already has that info, for example, when I import my tracks into Virtual DJ, the BPM's show so no need to re-analyze.
B ⏃ mB ⏃ m(BamBam) 7:49 PM - 24 August, 2017
This is happening to me to if anyone knows of a salutation to this problem please post a reply
Laz219 1:47 PM - 3 September, 2017
Are you analysing within SDJ?
Is there any reason to bother doing it externally when you want to analyse within SDJ to get your overviews etc built?