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Midi OUT

joachimj 1:42 PM - 3 October, 2013
HI ! I a SSL user. I waited extremely long for Midi Out in SSL. I control SSL (loops, cues, fxs, sp6, options, ...) with an iPad and a complicated homemade template (a lot of time invested...). Then for me it's absolutely impossible to do the transition to Serato DJ without Midi OUT !
PS : In SSL it also misses the Midi Out for all knobs and faders...
joachimj 8:58 PM - 21 November, 2013
Up !!! :-)
joachimj 12:56 PM - 17 December, 2013
SERATO team, any release date for this major functionnality ?
Smirk 3:34 AM - 22 May, 2014
I know right?? Like we are the only ones who care about custom mapping lights that use Serato. Some "charming" young man told me nobody cared and to go back to using Traktor. I find it hard to believe Serato would want that.
DJ Compiler 5:37 AM - 22 May, 2014
handsome_sultan 3:57 AM - 26 May, 2014
me too, i would love launchpad light support
djbanno 3:51 AM - 27 May, 2014
joachimj 4:59 PM - 27 May, 2014
Good, but we don't know if midi out will be implemented too...
DJ Mell 07 11:06 PM - 27 May, 2014
Cool ;)
joachimj 11:21 PM - 27 May, 2014
Follow the djbanno's link. The Serato's team explained that the midi Out feature will not be implemented soon... :-(
DJ Mell 07 11:04 AM - 28 May, 2014
Ooh no, Ch..t !!!
247discos 1:21 PM - 28 May, 2014
Please add midi out ASAP for serato dj.. It's a must. If you can add to last version of ssl then it surely can be added to serato dj for all your ssl users than need it... Eg ,
Me :) c'mon serato
Smirk 2:24 AM - 12 July, 2014
Need midi out! We dj in the dark and need lights!