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Nick & Rui, two turntables, Rane Sixty-Four & Serato DJ.

1:01 AM, 17 Sep 2013
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Deejay sky 11:14 PM - 17 September, 2013
i have enjoyed this gallery....thank for a share
Double-0-zerO 11:25 PM - 17 September, 2013
So, that's how it's done the right way. Now I must take a cold shower, due to all of that beautiful equipment.
WarpNote 11:55 PM - 17 September, 2013
Hook up 2 more decks?
nik39 11:58 PM - 17 September, 2013
Geil. Seems like a lot of fun!
deejaychoice 1:50 AM - 18 September, 2013
What video application are they using? As well as everything is DOPE!
deejay bertman 9:13 AM - 18 September, 2013
WOW, cool pics....what kind of still camera is being used? So vivid!!!!
Phil3345 8:18 AM - 19 September, 2013
I saw the mixer at BPM.Was with a few dj's and its let down by the mic channel.No separate bass and treble but a pan and tone control ?Deal breaker for all of us
wellzz 10:42 AM - 24 September, 2013
Do any of these guys use headphones anymore?
JOONIE C 10:45 PM - 26 September, 2013
I didn't know Nick had skills. Gotta see you in action