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Midi Light Out with Midi Katapult for Launchpad

N.Dee. Rick 7:53 AM - 27 August, 2013
is there anybody of you who has experience with Midi Katapult and the new Midi Out of Serato. I am using Midi Katapult for a long time now but it doesn´t work with the new Midi Out. The Manual says that it should work as a common midi deviece by receiving midi input but I was not able to difine the midi output chanel where Serato sends the messages to. Do they appear in the midi setting of OSX?
bLazem 2:10 AM - 29 August, 2013
For Launchpad you dont need Katapult just download the midi map for Launchpad and put it in the appropriate directory and select it from the midi map settings in serato.